Can you still get nice, full buds if you flower early?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by alright, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. And will they be just as potent? I have never flowered early, I'm curious if it's worth it just for personal use.
  2. What's early? People have done 12/12 from seed and IIRC (never used that one before) they veg anyway until they're ready, 2 weeks or so, and start flowering. They just won't get very big.
  3. but will the buds develop the same as they would when a plant has vegged for a good month?
  4. Yes, and no. The more nodes you have, the more buds you get. Those big tops you see as big as a hand, those are multiple buds that all grow into each other. With a plant that hasn't been vegged, you won't have the sites to achieve anything like that, but the buds you do grow will be just as good and get just as big as the individual buds on a plant that has been vegged. You probably still can get a decent top. I vegged my clones for about a week, and the tops alone grew to about 4-7g each. Just as sweet as their Mama.
  5. Kamel said it perfectly. The sooner you flower, the less bud you'll get in return, but it'll still be the same quality.
  6. sweet! thanks guys :)
  7. the plants are so small with 12/12 from seed that you can do more plants in the same space rather than if you vegged them. many plants is the only way to go with 12/12 from seed. 2 fems sad yeild but 10 fem happy yeild at least with 12/12 from seed. rember to LST and use molasses if using organic or even organic based mix. :smoke:

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