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can you still get as high/stoned if you got high earlier?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stoned 13, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. As title says,
    If i got high at say 1pm then waited til 5pm and smoked a couple of bowls/spliff would i get as high as if i hadnt smoked earlier that day?
    If that makes sense?
    Im going out with some friends later who are more seasoned smokers than i am (only just got back into smoking after afew years break) i dont wanna get totally ripped or feel bad when im with them later.
  2. Probably won't. You might have the same amount of THC in your system as the first time, but you won't feel the same because you'll be accustomed to it.
  3. You can get as high, but since it's straight after, you won't notice so it won't feel like you got high, but you will be high. Just know that if you do it, you will get high.
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    Ok thanks guys
    any tips or suggestions that might help me not get to stoned? Other than not smoking to much lol.
    Iv got a massive fear of throwing a whitey since i started smoking again
  5. what is throwing a whitey?

    do you wanna get stoned or not get stoned the second time? lol
  6. Throwing a whitey=smoking to much going white and throwing up lol.
    Course i wanna get stoned i just dont wanna push myself over the brink to pukesville.
  7. I still don't get it. White like the color or the race?

    Weed doesn't make you puke, it's not like alcohol
  8. Smoking too much makes a lot of people puke. It happened to me my first few weeks.

    "Aye man how's my driving?"

    "Uhh I think we're parked man..."
  9. first I've heard of it. I know people that choke on a hit and puke but never from just smoking too much
  10. ^

    Gag reflex, it'' the properties of the smoke not the bud itself.

    It depends on your method of smoking.

    For instance, if I smoke a bowl out of a pipe, then take a bong rip, I will be higher after the bong rip then I was after the bowl.

    I think.
  11. Absolutely. I don't remember where I read it but there's actually a sizable difference in how much THC you're getting between a bong and dry piece or joint/blunt. I think with bongs it was like you get 40% of the THC and dry methods (except for vapes, dabs obviously) it was like 7%. Don't quote me on those numbers but you're totally right.

    "Aye man how's my driving?"

    "Uhh I think we're parked man..."
  12. Whitey is known as greening out but i have heard both terms. Never seen or had it happen personally. But just don't smoke at 1 if you want to be higher at 5. Unless you have edibles or other weed.
  13. you'll always be higher after your 2nd bowl.

    lol I think you meant on separate occasions, right? I've been staring at this post for 10 minutes...
  14. Personally if i smoked at 1pm and then at 5pm i could easily reach the point i was at before hand if not go past it.. I've never thrown up or felt sick though... just got really tired if i go too far but that's because i was smoking indicas before. I haven't been experiencing the overwhelming tiredness since I've switched
  15. That's called greening out. And if weed makes you puke, then don't smoke it.
  16. I don't understand how people get sick from herb... I've gotten sick from the combination of alcohol and herb but never herb by itself. For God's sakes, I use it for my stomach as a medicine!
  17. I don't know
  18. Bka g greening out
  19. It ultimately depends on your tolerence, if it's high
     your not gonna get as baked by waiting for that period of time and vice versa. 
  20. If you're smoking weed and you just seshed and you want to sesh again, it'll take more weed to get you high. What people generally like to do is have a nice sesh, no matter how big, and then wait till they're completely sober.
    I do this here and there myself as well but I only really smoke oil. I took 2 dabs earlier on in the day and was forced to wait for oil the rest of the day for example. The guy took a really long time and I'd been sober for a good 6-8 hours then, so not only did it make it easier to get high, I even felt higher since I'd been deprived.
    But you can do it man, I used to all the time when I'd smoke a lot of bud. Smoking back to back will still get you high but too much of it can ruin your tolerance, just like waking and baking

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