Can you still block?

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  1. Okay I messaged RMJL and for some reason she never answered me.That isn't the bad part but thought I'd put that in there.Do not ask why because now I'm too lazy to delete it and yes I've been getting high.

    Anyways are you still able to block a user on a mobile device?
  2. Yes. Go to prefs and click "ignore user" and then enter the users name. It would be a wise investment to add my name to the list.
  3. Oh do not worry.I already did bud haha.
  4. If ive already got someone blocked on there a way to block them on the status updates as well?
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    if u got em blocked y wud they be on your friends list? I thought I thought friends status updates appeared to you?

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  6. No theyre not on my friends list lol

    Ive had them blocked but can still see em replying on status updates.....and was wonderin if there was an option to block em on there as well....

    If not...I can deal w it but was jus wonderin....

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