can you start growing in winter?

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  1. Hi, i thought a bit about growing in fall/winter, and came on the idea of starting to grow a plant in winter, having past a few months from harvest time. I live in Spain, so its a meditterranean climate with HOT summers and temperate winters with some rain and wind. The temperature doesnt fall under the 10ºC mark even in the coldest periods, so i thought its maybe possible. What i want to try is to start growing in, lets say, mid november, having the harvest time of the strain in early october. Then let her grow more and more all winter and spring maybe in a greenhouse plus the growth she would do anyways all summer long, harvesting in october at a age of 10 month.
    What are your thoughts about it? could it work? maybe someone even tried this?

  2. I just planted a couple of seed's outside.Same sitiuation as you.Although I don't think it's gonna work.Gonna see how it turns out and update here.
  3. As  long as it doesn't freeze where you are you can grow outside all year long.. You just need to fool the plants a bit.. To get any decent amount of harvest you'll need to get them to veg and that can be done a couple of ways.. Either a veg box or space or supplemental lighting.. Keep the plants under 16 hours of light or more till they are vegged up to the size you want.. I go about 2 feet and wind up with a 4 foot finished plant most times.. This is my current experiment at vegging outside in winter with solar lights.. I got tired of dragging plants inside under lights at night and back out during the day..
  4. As Brass long as their is no frost during your winter.

    Although you can purchase seeds bred to withstand such temps........also to avoid having to put lights on them etc as per above, ( which can still be a pain in the ass to manage) go with autos, they will only ever reach a certain size anyway, which is roughly the size of a plant in winter weather......
  5. Grow indoors ;)
  6. what you mean by fooling them? we have a rly warm winter here, the cold time allready passed in december... my theory is that because of this, i can allready let them veg outdoor by themself, rooting during the warm and moist winter so they can survive easily during the way too hot and dry summer.
    I started an experiment with some autos, trying to make feminised seeds lol. well, the sun is only up till 17.00 or so, and then i put them under artificial light to complete a 18/6 cycle.

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