Can you spot a stoner by his/her car?

Discussion in 'General' started by ///maniac, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. my friends and i were having this conversation that you can almost tell if a person smokes by what kind of car they drive. they said that the car i am getting def. says STONER.
    the car is a 03 volkswagen gti

    do you think this is true. and if so what kind of cars are considered stoner cars.
  2. I think the biggest stoner stereotype vehicle is the Volkswagon bus. ;)
  3. light blue 1987 lasabre with the right front hubcap missing

    car driven by the biggest pothead I know.
  4. No. Everyone in my school smokes, and we all drive different cars.
  5. Well.... basicly if the car is shitty, they smoke (weed gets you through times of need, better than money gets you through times without weed... err something like that)

    But you cant look at all cars and answer that.
  6. clothes ..yes, face ..yes, personality ..yes, car maybe lol. i know stoners with real nice cars, and stoners with crappy cars.
  7. I know stoners with a wide variety of cars. Jeep wranglers, late 90's Accords, early 90's civics, Saturns, BMW's, old volvos, range rovers that have seen better days and land rover discoveries in great shape, dsm's, old beetle convertibles, minivans, 240SX's, Sentra SE-Rs, Cavaliers. Cars don't really show if a person smokes. A stoner can have a real nice car and it helps to hide the fact he smokes.

  8. Yah some of my stoner friends drive escalades and benzes and hummers and expeditons.......... and then my real good friend who i love very much lmao has suck a ghetto car. His door is a diff color and you have to open front door to get in the back. Lol you have to push on the window from the outside to get it to close all the way. Then my best friends mom her car dont even got a floor in the back lol. Scary let me tell you.
  9. ^^^
    It's like the fast and the furious when the floor falls out. lmao.
  10. volvos are where its at
  11. Yeah, there's people who are stoners and drive some expensive ass cars, and others who drive cars that barely run... the ones with the shitty cars are more of a smoke anytime anywhere stoner, and the other ones have responsibilities. So, I guess you can tell more of what type of stoner they are by their car, rather than if they are one. BUT, you can usually tell by what they wear, and how they carry themselves... and of course how often they laugh and what they say.

    Combine it all and you can figure out almost anyone, lol

    lmao, I'm sitting here talking on yahoo to this one girl I know, and I was thinking to myself ME "show me your boobs", HER "huh?!", ME "nah just kidding, I wouldn't do that to ya, as much as I would like to see em...", HER REAL reply to something I asked before I zoned out "yeah sure, hold on"

    I saw the reply and was like Yes!, then I realised I didn't actually say that stuff to her... yeah it was a bummer, lol
  12. ive baked caddy's and capri's.....

  13. nice, dude, nice
  14. i drive a lifted 89 toyota pickup 4wd. not exactly the stereotypical stoner. i do all the work on it myself and love 4wheelin.
  15. ford taurus.
  16. im suprised noone mentioned actually lookin into a car, (or maybe only i do that) when i park next to one on my way out i casually look at the ashtray....youd be suprised how many people leave them open with roaches in them, or papers on the seat. seen em mannny times

    ok i just had this vision of what you might think...=me with my face pressed against someones car window chekin out everything in there car...naw, not that im going to admit to. it a quick glance i tell
  17. no ashtray on the Harley,lol.
  18. i got a prelude with some tints, its real fun to blaze in, ionno how sterotypical it is

  19. HEY! I DRIVE A 1978 VOLKSWAGEN BUS AND I'M NOT A.... oh wait.. yeah I am :)
  20. you know what's fun is cruising around and toking in my friend's triple-white 1977 superbeetle convertible.

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