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Can you snrt phenobarbital?

Discussion in 'General' started by head4life, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Can you? I only got one pill left I know it wont do shit ust taking on orally

    snorting it work? im tryin to get trying t get get sme sleeep

    having the worst drug related shit happening for some reason (did way too many durgs now my mind wnt settle down)

    any ideas? if not im gonna take some benadryl and try to pass out

    I just need to get some fucking sleep haven;t slept in 48 hous

    im out of weed too I think thats partt of it i gotta wait another hour for some two
  2. jesus christ, dude.

    jesus christ.

  3. One of my friends used to snort it when he was dry for a long time ha, works for some people.
  4. amphetamine shit man!? haha dude of course you CAN snort it...but why? well, you prob already did.....isn't phenobartial a barbituate? I heard they supreme fuck you up...

    I heard hitler used amphetamines and used barbituates to come down everynight or someshit.... damn

    I wanna try some barbituates atleast one time in my life ;)
  5. Phenoburbitol really isn't anything special. It works for some, for others it doesn't. I'm one that wasn't effected by it.
  6. is the pope catholic?
  7. You know you have to take 600mg to get fucked up right?

    600mg had me FUCKED but I only have one 30mg pill

    And no im not doing tweak but white

    its ok I got more herb and maybe some more white on the way

  8. I could give less of a fuck about the fucking pope.:rolleyes:
  9. LMFAO! made me giggle..
  10. Barbiturates aren't speed they are more of a tranquilizer, my step mom takes those, for....no apparent reason, along with a slew of other pills.
  11. haha! I know there not speed!...after reading my post I found how you assumed I thought phenobarbital was speed...no no no..haha, I was simply saying that "i'm assuming you were on amphetamines since you were up for 48 hours and how his mind won't settle down" if that makes sense...srry i'm alittle faded...(thats my new word now)

    and yeah I made the guess that it was a barbiturate, simply bc I recognize that drug name...
  12. no it cool, as a matter of fact, percs and vikes make me speed.
  13. You don't snort barbs!

    Fuck sakes you take em orally and it's got a 95% bioavailability orally.

    They suck for rec use unless you wanna mix it with vodka and commit suicide like that heavens gate cult or what ever they were called.
  14. ^^whaaat!?? haha speed!! like how?...gives you energy? or motivation?, cuz with me they calm me down, makes me relaxed.....makes socializing easier.....much easier...I'm much more fun to talk to on them....(I think we all are :p)

    but yeah I can see how they could make you like 'speed' cuz i used to take them before school, and I was DOING BOMB....I was alot more social....and doing my school work like nothing else....it made school 'painless' hehe...it was great....I wish I had some right now actually :D

  15. Dude that's not speed.

    Speed are Amphetamines and Methamphetamine.

    The best drugs on the face of the earth.

    Im a speed freak. Doing drugs that make you speed and make you tweak. Phenobarb is shit and it's nothing like speed what so ever.
  16. yeah I was laughing on how I COULD BE SPEED..i'm an upperman myself ya know...
    I knew it was a barbiturate to begin with...I was simply trying to see how she/he said that percs made her speed...

    DUDe I agree speed is the greatest, I wish I was prescribed some shit for my adhd....but i'm not bc I don't have a job yet :mad::mad::mad: until then, no speed for me (aka adhd meds)

    rapport is it they call it? i dunno...
    ::edit:: oh yeah, time to smoke a poat
  17. phenobarb sucks for everything but making u sleep

    which I just woke up from doing

    for no reason?

    back to bed I go
  18. haha I see whatcha mean man, I never done a barbiturate.....not something I would go and do something productive with...hehe i'd be all sluggish and shit...haha..peeps knew I'm fucked up on something...other than alcohol..(you know the smell of alcohol).......
    the more I talk/type the more I want some shit, like some vyvanse, (my friend has it) or some adderal (friend USED to have it)....or have some concerta (friend hasn't got his prescription YET!! wtf is his problem???? i've been waiting forever for his reup...)

    damn I typed alot, while not seeming like i typed alot.....i'ma call my friend up lol
  19. Yo how do you like Vyvanse? My friend tossed me a few 50 MG pills, i'm saving them until I have a test or something i need to cram for.
  20. maan I like all speeds man....i'm add like a motherfuckerz, never done coke tho, but yeah vyvanse makes speed in like a concerta way, non euphoric way, but it has that focus factor that I try to obtain, oh yeah its worse than adderal, concerta, about the cig smokeing/ smoking weed factor....gotta SMOKE MORE....

    hmm made anysense? bc i'm lost lol, time to smoke a poat

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