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Can you snort Ecstacy?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Floydian, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Well I just picked up a bit of MDMA from a bro, he said eat a little, snort a little, and throw a little on a bowl (and then smoke it).

    I obviously know you can eat it, from what I've read I don't see why you couldn't snort it and be successful, but does anyone know for sure either way?

    As for smoking it... I swear, every time this dude gets something (usually the first time), he puts a bit on top of a bowl. I probably won't anyway as I didn't get much at all really, but does anyone know if that would also work?

    Thanks in advance ;) hoping for a good night, lol.

    Edit: Oh yeah, apparently I've got no one to chill with for tonight, so is it even gonna be a fun time if I just take it by myself? Should I wait? Or would I have fun just playin counterstrike and some guitar...?
  2. You can rail it
  3. yeah you can snort it,:eek: thats if you wanna start smokeing crack afterwards
  4. junkies are everywhere:eek:
  5. c'mon, he wants a serious response.

    Floyd, i am not sure... im sure you can, its physically possible but im not sure if it will do damage.
  6. dont snort it unless your sure you have pure mdma (molly)
  7. Thanks bro (And you too, Vicious), it's more of that I just don't want to waste it. Logically, it would be even stronger if I rail it, but ya never know. I'm not to worried about damage, if I was, I wouldn't still be smoking cigs ya know?

    I could respond to you Bliz, but it aint worth it. It's called will power, priorities, and responsibility ;) that's all I need to say.
  8. no problem, i say you just eat them, fuck snorting it... eating it will get you fucked up plenty.

    And btw, playing CS is so hard while tripping, atleast it is for me...i can never focus w/ the map around me and i always fuck around over the mic too much.:D
  9. Lol, I wouldn't roll and play a computer game. I think that's just a waste.
  10. Yeah yer probably right. It's just I'm not even sure how much I got, trying to maximize the effect. I don't fully trust my bro, I'm sure it's real and all, but from what I saw it wasn't even a actual tablet, more like a red chunk, and he only gave me half that for $15. It was supposed to be a triple stack, which I would have gotten half of. I don't know or really care, I doubt I'll ever do it again (yes, I'm aware everyone says that, but I never even get the chance, it's very rare to find up where I live and I'd rather have some experience almost everything than just smoke my weed and knock on others or give advice to others for things I've never done myself) so I may as well see if it's fun this time. I bet it'll get me more fucked up than $15 worth of bud anyway.

    Zero, do you play 1.6 or CSS? If ya play Source, we should try playing together tonight when I'm all sorts of fucked up lol.

    Edit; Motion, I don't have anything else to do really, other than play guitar :( all my homeboys either had to bail on my tonight or have hockey.
  11. I play 1.6, but havent played in a while.

    I've been playing WarRock Lately.
  12. NO NO NO!!! Don't snort it!!! I just posted about this in a different thread.

    MDMA comes in such small quantities (.1g a hit) that the natural defense system of your nose will just slime it and process it without absorbing it into the blood stream effectively. The BEST way is to eat it.

    Just lick all of it up. (If it's in powder form)
  13. Alright then, thanks a bunch ;) I pretty much decided on just eating it anyway

    For eating it he recommended I crush it up and take it like a gummer and then use some drink or something and finish swallowing it. But I'll just lick 'er up to humor you :p
  14. Oh... I thought you had mali. Like pure MDMA crystal/powder. If it's already been processed into pill form then just swallow it like a pill. If you're ballsy I guess you can chew it up and that'll help it kick in faster but it'll taste horrible.

    Sorry again, my mistake. Must of misread something.

    Oh and to answer one of your original questions. You can have a great time by yourself. First time I rolled, I did so with only myself and sweet sweet Mary Jane. Had an amazing experience. That time I split a pill into 3 pieces... Took two parts, and snorted the other one.

    I've had some of the best experiences rolling with friends, but sometimes you just want to be alone. Depends on your personality maybe. Either way, for your first time, alone might be a good idea. Just for safe experimental purposes. Not ot mention, personally I think rolling with other people can ruin your first time. I mean, it probably won't, but it's your first time so just do it by yourself.

    You'll like talking to people probably too... so you might find yourself spending a lot of time on the computer: GC/AIM.
  15. are heard of some crazy muthfuckas puttin up der ass an trippin balls tru story but i would never do dat

    ive snorted em and it burns and u tear up and its more powerful but shorter

    the best is to chew it and take thenasty taste its worth it

    drink plenty of orange juice NOT WATER WATER CAN HURT YOU research if u dont believe

    have fun:hello:
  16. probably not such a good idea doin E with others your first time, ya know, start feelin up your buddies and stuff, they might find it a bit weird :p
  17. ok
    to the guy above
    water CANNOT hurt you any more than OJ can. I assume he is speaking of the fact that you can overhydrate and cause severe brain damage. but hello, OJ is mostly water.
    You should keep hydtrated if youre rolling on x. just dont over do
    i suggest you fill up an empty 2 liter with water and sip on that for the night. even if you drank the whole bottle, you would be safe, and it should be enough to keep you satisfied.

    also, as said above, yes some people soak tampons in liquid extasy and put it up their ass. you can really readily absorb things directly into your bloodstream up there (suppositories). appearantly this causes an insanely intense trip. also, thats the reason that (for whatever reason i cant imagine) you wanted a vodka enema, you will probably die.
  18. Alrighty then, well I just got back from town. Got about a bowlful of middies and a bowlful of dank.

    Gonna eat that shit up now and wait for the fun.

    I'm sure I'll be back on to post how things are rollin'... heh.
  19. pull your head outta your ass before you type bro lol

    the typical dose of mdma/mda/mdea/ect ranges between 60mg-120mg as a threshold dose

    methamphetamine has a similar dosing range

    as for smoking mdma...nope it's possible to base it but the results would be much like smoking cocaine hci very little makes it to vapor stage it just burns up

    meth on the other hand can be smoked
  20. the first time i ever did X i did it with friends. I just like doing drugs with friends and shit, feels better to be able to bounce effects of the drug off with someone else..I dunno. But I have rolled before by myself and had a great time too, i just never seem to stay awake as long. But if im out with my friends i eat like 1 pill and i can stay up til like 6-7am just smokin bud, playing guitar, videogames, etc. etc.

    I have a feeling I have a very low tolerance to MDMA tho, if I eat 2 pills at once I get really blurry vision up close and get temporary nystygmus, sometimes shaking, and pretty heavy sweating and I'll have trouble going to sleep even the next day. I love it! lol.
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