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Can you smoke yourself sober?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tyro01, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. I've heard multiple stories of people smoking themselves sober. Is this bs, or truth?
  2. For me, if i'm wasted and smoke, i'll feel more sober and relaxed.. so in a way, yeah

    If you're only smoking weed, then no.. you'll just keep gettin higher :smoking:
  3. Hmm I've never heard this before lol if it is possible ive never accomplished it lol
  4. possible , ive done it
  5. Never done it.
    Ive faceplanted sober. (Honest to god truth)
    I was baked out of my fuckin face and fell face first on to pavement (out cold) When I woke up 5 seconds later I was sober
    I was with friends so that is how I know it was 5 seconds
  6. i hear about this all the time when im around my firends, but i dont smoke enough to confiirm it. a couples tokes and im sky high.
  7. I have done this a few times but for some reason it only happens with lower quality weed, especially schwag. The more dank, the less a chance this will happen.
    I would attribute this to ingesting more and more cannabinoids, as you smoke more, compared to THC (which is usually the case with schwag). Thus, you feel a strange soberness, not that you are actually sober you just feel as though you are. Hard to explain.

    But like I said, this has never happened with better quality stuff, at least in my experience.
  8. it's happened to me a few times, only with mids/schwag, after smoking continuously for a couple hours, i'll start feeling normal, and usually a "what the fuck am i doing here?". every time i will get annoyed with what i'm doing and will then forget about it and smoke more. it might just be a placebo thing, but the first time it happened to me i didn't even know you could smoke yourself straight.
  9. yeah def happens after long sessions, its a sad feeling.
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  10. I've done it. It was a waste, but we did it. Pretty weird to be smoking more and losing your high.
  11. eh long sessions aren't that fun anyways
  12. Same, I hit my new bong so many times I was numb to the highness.
    It was a very depressing day, but I barely remember it.
    I barely have a memory.

  13. agreed.

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