Can you smoke weed that's been vaped?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Iamtim, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. This seems like a stupid question (to me at least), but i keep seeing people say that you can smoke weed that's been vaped and get high from it. Wouldn't all the THC get vaporized, making the smoking pointless? I'd really like to find this out, because if you CAN do this i'll be buying a vaporizer ASAP. Two highs out of the same weed is just magical.
    P.S., i'm new to these forums, so if this has been posted before i apologize.
  2. Yes you can smoke it, or preferably make edibles or hash. Its still weed, just not near as potent as it is fresh.
  3. you can but its going to give you a whole diffrent type of high
  4. Sure you can smoke it, i do it all the time, i usually throw it 50/50 into jays. I don't think i would ever smoke it out a bowl, that'd be pretty nasty. you can also save em up and make edibles.
  5. Prepare for a bad headache on the comedown.
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  7. I have an iolite which vapes at 374F. I've rolled like 6 grams of it into joints and smoked it all at once and not felt anything. I've also tried cooking with it and not felt anything. I think it depends on what temp you vape at. The higher the temp the less you're gonna have left. Don't buy one for that reason though buy one cause vaporizing kicks ass.
  8. With all this info i think i'll just stick to my bowl. I rarely smoke joints or blunts, I mostly just smoke bowls and bongs. Though to be fair i've never tried vaporizing.
  9. I was sold vaped weed once (made a topic on it a while back) and I smoked it. It did get me high but it was very very shitty and lasted for about 15mins
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  10. I vape my weed till it's mostly brown... Like 80% light brown 10% light brown 10% green...

    Smoke it and get just as high. Twice the high from one small amount of weed.
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    I smoke joints purely of vaped weed at night before bed. It's not as strong a high and it's different. For me I don't get all giggly or anything it just chills me out, gets me ready to sleep and I get the munchies.
    I just think of it this way - fresh bud is equal to 100% so vaped weed must be around 25% or something. So obviously the high isn't going to be as intense but, the good thing is, rather than using your fresh, top quality bud before bed, you can just smoke some vaped weed ... which is always enough.

    And it doesn't give you a head ache, trust me, that's people talking nonsense. I smoke a joint of vaped every night and I've never experienced any uncomfort from it.

    Peace :smoke:
  12. I smoke my avb out of my bongs and I enjoy it. Its mostly the couchlock stoney high though, and can be quite strong in some cases.

    I vape the dank up to 400f, I start at 340f and move up.
  13. Yes. I used mflb vaped weed, very vaped, rolled a joint and packed a bowl. It rolls really well and burns quick but it's still good.
  14. Yeah you obviously can but by vaping the weed you're also taking out the majority of the THC. Go for it, but i'd say do it only if you're out of fresh herb, not just to cut costs
  15. You can get fairly baked off of ABV. In fact, it's all me and my friends smoked for 4-6 months. Used to get bags free from someone who vaped.
  16. 1600 views on this thread? Oh, its 9 months old...
  17. I think I smoked some last night actually. I know you can eat it. Got high as fuck from about 1.5 gram edible. Think I will stick to making food with it. A lot funner to medicate with and get way higher. Would be cool to roll a fat blunt with avb and smoke it alone though
  18. With my vaped weed, I'll waterfall bong it. I get high
  19. i've smoked and revaped. both give a light high, little peace of mind. when i made edibles with abv, i just passed out.
  20. I waterfall bong my vaped weed using like 2gs per bowl and that'll get me high enough to not give a fuck

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