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Can you smoke weed that was used in cannabutter

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by dreaded4cheifin, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. I "tried" to make cannabutter but failed. It didnt even give me a buz. If i rinsed the weed off really thoroughly<--- (spell check) and let it dry could i smoke it?
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  9. Seriously tho cAn you smoke that shit or not
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    If u did the process right (meaning all THC is in the butta). Then nope.

    This guy here fucks up the process, and clams he got high off it. Watch till end to see him eat the left over cannabutter material. Hope this helps

  11. lol i think we need some more details. which part exactly during the process did you try and fail at. Because if you failed by not getting any THC into the butter it's either in the weed or it escaped into the air. But I guess it's truly up to you. If you manage to dry out your weed entirely
  12. If you've ever smelled burning butter/oil, you know it's not a good thing to put in your lungs. Acrolein, which was used as a chemical weapon during World War I (studies on rats have shown an increase in cancerous tumors from ingestion.. it may also be responsible for some cases of MS..) will form in very large and un-safe concentrations when burning pure fats, among other foul tasting carcinogenic chemicals, and it doesn't matter how much you rinsed it out, there would still be traces of that taste/smell left.. oil is water resistant after all.

    It's really better that you freeze and save that material (not knowing whether you destroyed the cannabinoids or if they're still within, it's better to be safe than sorry, so hang on to it), to use in addition to fresh herb, for a new batch of butter or oil.

    Be sure you follow a reputable recipe next time, and you should be pleased with your results :) Good luck!
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    If you put it in the butter,and it had butter on it, do not try to smoke it (for the reasons Badkittysmiles stated) . You can grind the weed up and put it in food (pasta sauce, pizza, ramen) if you would like to try to salvage it and don't want to keep it for the next batch of butter.
  15. I dont think it would work well. Just some shitty shwag now?? but doesnt hurt to just dry it out and see what happens (you know your gana anyways lol)

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