Can you smoke weed mixed with orengo ??

Discussion in 'General' started by lovebeanbabe, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. i  promised my friend i  would save some bud for us to smoke , i smoked a little more than i should.... and theres not as much left ... How can i make it look like theres more bud?? also can you smoke weed mixed with orengo if i mix it with it?? 

  2. goddammit.....
  3. I'd just be up front and tell them you puffed a bit too much. 
    Was it all your weed to begin with?
    Why can't you just buy $10 or $20 more like a normal human being? :smoking:
  4. Oh, why of course you can, but don't forget you handy dandy airplane glue:)

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  5. I just have one question.... Is it safe to smoke orengo and weed mixed together and will it still get u high? 
    Would you want your friends to smoke you up with Oregano? :smoking:
  7. I'd just be honest, it's really not that much of a deal, if he gets pissed off tell him to calm down and it's not crack. Plus, if he has any kind of experience he'll taste it, or it'll be really harsh on his throat.

  8. The only thing I would mix with weed would be kief.

    Nah fo real use Damiana leaf.
  9. i smell someone underage lol
    i don't think you want to smoke oregano so just own up to smoking too much
  10. You made a dumb-dumb OP.
  11. If you cut it with oregano, you really aren't much of a friend are you?
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    Yes you can but you will also need other ingredients along with the oregano so your pal doesnt catch on.

    - weed
    - oregano
    - grass

    STEP 1
    Grind up the weed and mix 1/2 part weed half part oregano

    STEP 2
    Grind up the finest grass you can find and add the sand as to replicate thc crystals

    STEP 3
    Mix all these things up and spray windex for more intese high

    STEP 4
    Show your friend and name it "super duper kush" when your friend finds out how dank your green is he will tell others and you will be known as the coolest kid in high school

    Dont listen to these posters OP there just jealous they dont have theyre own super duper kush
  13. And you all castigate my belief that idiots like OP make our culture look bad.

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