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Can you smoke weed in a hotel room that allows smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iDelete, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, sorry if this seems like a stupid question but you can never be too safe. I'm sometimes a little paranoid and would love an actual answer because I cannot find anything on the internet, only "How to smoke in a non smoking room."
    I just want to know, if a hotel room allows smoking, can you smoke weed in it freely? Like is there a filter or anything like that?
    Thank you.

  2. they cant prove it was weed being smoked. they might know by the smell, but it shouldnt be very strong outside the room especially if smoking tobacco too.

    and only the most uptight employee would ever confront you or call the cops or anything
    Yeah thats what I was wondering. For real, we might still smoke in the bathroom just to be safe, but you know if I just wanna kick back and smoke on the bed, I dont wanna have people barge in on me aha.
  4. Burn an incense. It's a smoking room. I've had smoking rooms where there was a strong smell of what could have only been a cigar mixed with dog shit. Weed and some incense would have been far better.
  5. man, anyone you going with own a vaporizer?  I'm going to the casinos for my birthday and i have a smoking room booked, but im bringing my vape lol
  6. Used to be a lurker, finally made an account to post on this.
    I work at a Hilton Garden Inn and I can tell you that anytime someone smokes in the room we charge them $200 regardless if it's pot or tobacco. We have no smoking rooms, so we can tell who smoked. For as long as I've been there, I've never called the cops or reported someone for a weed smell.
  7. your safest bet is to smoke in the bathroom. if you are going to smoke on the bed then id suggest putting a towel at the bottom of the main door. you could light up a cig and just let it burn to mask the smell. you should be fine. i smoke in my non smoking room (bathroom) and dont get caught.
  8. technically, it's still illegal. But I've worked in hospitality, and I can tell you that no hotel housekeeper cares enough about it to call the cops on you. Half of em smoke themselves.Just keep the smell as low as you can
  9. You should be fine but use a sploof 
  10. i smoked joints at the holiday inn no problem.

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  11. if you smoke fags aswell thatll cover the smell anyway. The situation in a smoking room is basically the equivalent risk as smoking outside. Just don't get caught in the act lol. Fearjar's idea of incense candles is a good one Id go with that if you're nervous
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    Is somebody going with you that does smoke cigarettes? 
    I say be sure to have a pack handy in case someone does question you.
    It probably wouldn't hurt if someone smoked a cigarette right before you guys finish up smoking. 
  13. i smoke mad joints in smoking rooms.. no one ever says shit.
    if they do, just tell them it wasn't you.
  14. Cant tell if your serious
    Op, put a wet towel under your door and buy an air freshener or buy/make a sploof if your tripping out. 
  15. Smoking rooms are disgusting.  I just pop down to the lobby, go out front, look left and right and find a nice place to sit and toke.  Then when you get back to your room you usually have a fun story or two to tell about your experience. 
  16. I and a few people once smoked an ounce and a half of some high grade mids in the bathroom of a non smoking hotel in a three day period. Needless to say we left that room spotless and sprayed a SHIT TON of fabreeze before we left so ol buddy could get his cleaning deposit back.
  17. On a road trip myself here and I've been blazing in every hotel in smoking rooms, the smell is gone by morning. Put a towel under your door and smoke a cigarette if you feel paranoid. Nobody cares though man go for it it's very liberating and relaxing

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