can you smoke weed and be a bounty hunter?

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  1. i was wondering if i could still smoke and be a bounty hunter? would they drug screen you? does anyone know anything about bail enforcement?
  2. idk anything about bounty hunters, but heres what I imagine:

    Bounty hunters dont get drug tested and it doesnt matter if they smoke or not?
  3. [​IMG]

    This guy does crack so weed is probably ok.
  4. Aren't they kind like self-employed cops, sorta? I'm not really sure about how a bounty hunter is put into employment, so I actually have no clue...
  5. bounty hunters can be anyone who finds someone who jumped bail and has a bounty on their head. all you are doing is turning someone in and collecting the reward basically.

    most bounty hunters are also bail bondsman. so in most cases they post bail for people and when they dont show up for court they get a warrant put out and whoever returns the criminal gets the bail money that was posted.

    There are profits to be made through interest and for rewards but im not sure exactly how it works. to answer your question though most of these people work independently and have a few staff members, but if you work for someone else they can drug test you if they want to.
  6. alright that brings me to another question. im 5'6 and about 130lbs do you think i would be able to handle the fugitives. i would have help if i joined a bail agency right?
  7. As long as you can run, I would assume so.

    Ever heard of tazers? :p
  8. yea but there are rules, haha i dont think im allowed to shoot anyone or taze without them having a weapon or something. i think you have to tackle/wrestle them to the ground and handcuff them. and i dont think they are worth anything dead unless they are some fucked up criminal.

  9. :laughing:
  10. i googled it, some professional agencies and states that require a license can require a test and or random test especially when excessive force had been used to subdue a fugitive.

    shootin a stream of bear repellent or a nip off a tazer will feel the same if your 130 or 330 :ey:

  11. Umm i'm sorry if this discourages you but definitely not where I live..
  12. At 5'6 and 130 you'd need a taser or some superpowers.
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    ill get a taser and a glock
  14. Yeah but you're gonna have to be impartial when a bounty is put on your head for smoking the ganj.
  15. or for being a narc and not having a big name
  16. Hey man, I’m new too the thread and smoking due to an injury in the duty of being a bail bondsman! So to answer your question. You do not get drug tested period. To explain why is because if your freelance like me which is recommended since working on a salary sucks. The agency cannot legally drug test you even if you smell like bud, I don’t recommend working while high for sure as that can be dangerous to all those around you. Now they cannot drug test you because your not working for them directly. Your gathering someone who has a bond and then taking the fugitive back to the office to be interviewed the rebooked and rebonded if given the chance. So for instance if I smoke a day before a hunt, and me and my partners head out and I smell like marijuana in the office they might say “you smell like weed, have you used recently?” Obviously you should tell them yes or no depending on the states laws but for me I would say no as it is illegal, however after that they cannot say I wanna piss test you because I can since we fall under federal law. They can’t though because your not their employee, your someone who works for a day and moves on maybe comes back a few months later. I’m only 19 and as soon as I got my certification after my birthday I immediately started while smoking every weekend. Now with you yourself falling under federal law. You can be drug tested by a cop if they suspect it and have proof. Other than that no you cannot be tested. This may be confusing as I’m new to the forums but they cannot drug test you unless you work directly for a company in which it’s like having an office job. Which sucks, so be a freelance who claims bonds and smokes whenever, hell go ahead in the car before you go home then smoke more. Also it takes about three days to get certified in taser, OC spray, baton and handcuffing stuff etc. But it’s worth it and pays off in the end. Also being five eleven with a partner who is six foot and another parter a female who is 5 foot and 85 pounds. You weight less than me and my taller partner but if your muscle and on the heavier side your fine, also carry two firearms and a taser. Don’t deploy your taser while OC spray is in the air aka pepper spray as it can ignite. So you could be a bounty hunter who indeed does use marijuana without trouble as long as your hide it like you did when you were 15 or 16. Have a good one!

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