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can you smoke vicadin

Discussion in 'General' started by Androo, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. just wondering a friend asked me and i wanted to know
  2. You can crush it up and put it on top of your weed. But be very very careful. You crush the time release coating and take in the whole pill at one time (the high), and if too much you could OD. Just do small ammounts at first, and have a bed next to you.
  3. i hear the tylenol that is present in vicodin pills only takes a LITTLE (a lot less than the hydrocodone) to cause an od when smoked. read up on it before u do man.
  4. don't smoke things that aren't designed to be smoked or well known as smokable

    seriously, that's a bad idea, whereas vicodin is harmless (mostly harmless) to your stomach or bloodstream (where it shall reside after you swollow it) it could be very hazardous to your lungs or mucus membrane etc.
  5. Ya you can smoke it, I have b4 and its a great feeling :) just crush it up and make a blunt pack a little then pack some weed then pack a little then pack some weed ETC. it works great. You will be smoking weed then all this sudden when it burns down to the vicadin you get a vicadin hit. Its cool Try it.
  6. haha i love doing that.. i once rolled a half ounce into a long white spliff and put crazy flowers on it at every stage i had a layer of coke at there were like 3 sets of flowers and my friend hit the first flower first but i forgot to tell any of em i put coke in it... he was jsut like......... "Why are my teeth numb..." and i was like .. "OH YEAhhhh haha forgot bout that" no biggie tho he was stoked about the idea
  7. " i forgot to tell any of em i put coke in it." that's not cool at all.

  8. No shit.

    I would have been pissed.

  9. im surprised u didnt get ur face smashed in. i would have stomped on u for that

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