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Can you smoke the oil resin off a nail?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stacks420, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. I have an oil rig and after months of dabs I have a lot of green resin or oil at the bottom/inside of my ti nail and I'm wondering if I can scrape that off of there and dab it. Would it get you high and is it unhealthy? Some of this oil has been sitting on the nail since summer.
  2. Yuck! That's a grimy way to try and get hiii...

    Ganja green, supreme
  3. why is it green?? ewwww. nd why is it on the nial??? haha. u can clean the rig itself with iso. and then pruge the reclaimn u get out of it. but its tastes gross if u dab it. just make edibles.
  4. It's greenish. Basically same color as the dabs originally were but darker and smells good. I think a lot of it actually melted off into my ash catcher because I just went to clean it and there was globs of oil in it but still, the nail hasn't been cleaned since summer. Anyway, I tried dabbing it and I don't rly feel high, maybe a buzz, but it was hard to get a lot on my dabber. I'll try again and post results I guess. Hopefully I don't get sick and die or something, lol.
  5. i never seen someone scrape claim off there nail. thats gross. if its reclaim it shud get u high but still taste like ass. if ur smoking green bho. get a new place to get ur bho
  6. I have amber colored co2 oil right now, but anyway, it didn't taste gross or anything. And it works for what I dabbed, which was a very small amount. I get lots of it on the nail though. like a gram of it or more came out in my sink when I cleaned my ash catcher and that was only after a week of use so idk if it's just the co2 oil or not (never got that much with bho), but next time I think instead of letting it glob down into my bong, I'm gunna collect it and see how big dabs of it work.
  7. I have a glass nail that goes all yellow and sticky, I get it hot and wipe a rizla over it and have one hell of a doobie.
  8. most definitely. itll still be almost as potent as the original dab too.

    some people are just too snobby to collect the free thc i guess lol
  9. we collect it just dont smoke it. we put it in edibles
  10. oh co2 makes more sence then. i must be a combo of your peice. thats a waist. if ur getting a gram from only a week
  11. To answer your question yes and it will get you equally as high, but won't taste as good.
    If you just want to get high then fuck yeah.  but if you're trying to be a connoisseur then you probably won't want to.  
    It's just the same oil you've been dabbing just slipped through the slits before it was vaporized. 

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