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Can You Smoke Stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flyingtigers, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Alright so i was just wondering if you can smoke stems or not because some of my friends tell me you can and others tell me you cant and they wont burn good. also they said you can chew on them or when you get a lot of them you can use them to make tea. What do you guys thinks? :confused:
  2. can you eat poop...yes, do you want hahahha long story short
  3. Stem's have thc on them, not as much as the rest of the bud, but they do have thc on them. you CAN smoke them, but the high won't be incredible, and you're most likely going to end up with a headache. You could save your stems though, for tea or hash, or whatever u like.
  4. You can smoke stems. It will taste bad and may give you a headache. You wont get very high. If you have a few stems, break them up and add them to the weed in a bowl. I wouldnt smoke just stems. Or, if you save alot of stems, you can make qwiso hash or tea.
  5. I can even smoke a single leaf or stem in a p or I will have a blistering burnout.
    But my uncle grinds up his leafs and stems and smokes them straight up, no diluting.

    To each his own. You can get high from them, but not ripped
  6. yes you can
  7. I'd rather smoke resin, as nasty as resin is, to be honest.
  8. Well, you CAN smoke stems. You can smoke anything. But would I recommend smoking stems, no.
  9. you can but you'll get a nice ass headache from it
  10. You can smoke them, but they taste like ass though.
  11. This, totally this.

    I do hate resin and try to not smoke it, but I do sometimes if I have been dry for a few days. Stems though...No fucking way. :hello:

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