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Can you smoke stems ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by andresisherex, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. I thought that stems were removed just because it's harder to roll. What if you just pack it in your bowl, I mean they're covered in THC.

  2. well sure you can smoke them, you could smoke the roots and the dirt of the plant if you wanted too.
    piont is they tasted like shit and are harsh as hell, and will probley only give you a headache.
    i say save all your stems in a little container, and then when you have a bunch, you could keif those bad boys or make iso hash out of them or somthing, i just would not reccomend packing a bowl with them, cuz it will test like wood and be really really harsh
  3. How bout just mixing some in with some good bud.. On time I literally took a long stem on put it through the whole to work as a screen. Then i just packed it with weed
  4. if you like using stems then fine. but me personally, i get most of them out. they give really harsh and shitty hits
  5. they dont even have much thc on them just save them and make some hash or make some tea with them =]
  6. yea theres nothing wrong with it but why do it?
    save em
  7. saving them up and making QWISO is your best bet of getting anything usefull out of them
  8. one time, i spent $20 and got ripped off, as i only got a bowl, but the next day, there were still a bowl of stems sittin there, so i said what the hell, and it got me nice for about 3 hours

    then again, i'm new at smoking, so all smoke tastes the same, and i get high pretty easily
  9. I throw em away, Stems and seeds are thangs i dont need.

    Way back in the day ive been there when i didnt have excess of weed.

    Id save tiny stems and break em up with the herb thankin id get higher. (Way before GC days.)

    Then ive even tryed smoking jus stems one time in a time of no herb one afternoon way back then. Holy shiet never again.

    I take out any signs of stem before even grinding the trees up.

    Fuck stems. Shiets garbage dawg fer real.

    Ive got many years experience.
  10. i have, some people say stems will just give you a headache, but ive smoke a bowl of just stems, when i was dry, i got high and no headache, but just do not smoke seeds, as thats totally different lol:)
  11. i just chew on em haha
  12. only time stems are worth anything is if they're from dank and have trichs on them. then just do a couple washes with em, and you've gotten all the use you can out of them. DON'T smoke them. your lungs with thank you later in life haha
  13. you can, but i wouldn't advise smoking just a bowl of stems.
    mix 'em in if you want, but not for joints. will just tear the paper, mostly.
    maybe if they're ground up enough.
  14. At one point me and my buddy were both dry for a week. So we took my stems put them in a bowl with some resin and it got me and two other people a little high (it wasnt a full bowl). And honestly it wasnt that harsh (and im usually a pussy when it comes to smoke). And i also never got this headache everyone keeps talking about. I mean i guess its not even worse for you than weed, but w/e if your not vaping then you probably dont care so just try it i guess.
  15. save your stems. when you have enough you can get some kief from them. havent done it but all you need is a seperator screen and something to shake em up in.

    if you try to smoke the stems good luck. breaking them up is a bitch, the smoke is harsh as hell, and it kills your sperm.
  16. You can smoke anything. Will you get high? I think a little. Will you more likely get a headache? Yes.

  17. see there is a plus :D
  18. they will give u a headache. just like seeds.
  19. Sorry guys. I don't wanna sound stupid but whats kief ?
  20. Wow you gotta super ripped off......holy fuck how did you not notice that? lol

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