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Can you smoke outside with your card on you?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by equitas, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. I recently acquired a club card, and know it's legal for me to have weed on me so long as I bring my card too. I sometimes need to smoke when I'm outside my home (walking on the street, wherever...), but I don't want to get arrested for doing so.

    I can't find anything about this online, but can I smoke weed say, outside of a bank if I'm carrying my card? I am in Los Angeles btw.
  2. in colorado is definitely IS NOT allowed.

    i think cali is the same way
  3. The state law is written (in Cali) so that there are acceptable times to smoke outside... But you're still gonna get hassled.
  4. Yeah you're allowed to, I think the general rule is where you can smoke a cig, you can smoke bud. Also I'd avoid lighting up in areas where it's just asking for trouble, park where kids are playing etc.
  5. Doubt it. Anyone could smell it or breath it in. How many people do you see openly smoking weed on the streets?? Plus you don't need to smoke in public. I'm positive you could wait until you go somewhere private.
  6. Are you fuckin kidding me? When do you need to smoke in public?

    And a club card isn't a medical card bro. You're still illegal. You got scammed if you paid for it :wave:
  7. You are allowed to smoke in public... At least in Cali. You can't be within a certain distance of: public entrances to buildings, school zones, play grounds... And you can't be driving... I think there's a couple other conditions, too... But it is legal.
  8. 11362.79. Nothing in this article shall authorize a qualified
    patient or person with an identification card to engage in the
    smoking of medical marijuana under any of the following
    (a) In any place where smoking is prohibited by law.
    (b) In or within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a school, recreation
    center, or youth center, unless the medical use occurs within a
    (c) On a schoolbus.
    (d) While in a motor vehicle that is being operated.
    (e) While operating a boat.

    california health and safety code can be found here---> WAIS Document Retrieval
  9. This is taken from colorado amendment 20 section 5

    "(5) (a) No patient shall:

    (I) Engage in the medical use of marijuana in a way that endangers the health or well-being of any person; or

    (II) Engage in the medical use of marijuana in plain view of, or in a place open to, the general public. "
  10. he doesnt care about CO he is in CA

    And its legal as long as your not stupid about it
  11. Well considering hes in LA, this has absolutely nothing to do with the thread. And it appears to be legal so get high op.
  12. I read the second post stating colorado and didnt realize he was from LA ...
  13. you dont need a card for anything, all you need is a doctors recommendation to get into cannabis clubs here in cali

    also i burn on the streets all the time, its more open here in the bay area i guess no one really hassles you unless you are out at 1am burning at the park or something haha.
  14. I smoke outside all the time...cops always pass by my house and they dont do shit
  15. Yeah, we do the doctors rec also, but thats only for 2 months. I was looking at how he worded it, "club card". Recently there have been some people stealing and selling cards that they fill out for you at the dispensaries, so you don't have to show your rec or MMJ card when you go in there. If it's how I interpreted what the OP said. It sounded like he got a club's card. Not a rec. A lot of kids think that's all they need and I wouldn't doubt there is shit like this happening in Cali also
  16. Being a MMJ patient is a legal defense against prosecution in a court of law. You can still be arrested for possession of MJ, just not convicted for it. You'd still have to hire a lawyer and post bail, etc. Is it worth it to you?

    Is a cop in Los Angeles going to arrest a guy just for smoking a single joint? Maybe, but probably not, there are so many bigger fish. They'd probably just hassle you and let you go unless you get smart with them. Cops don't care about your MMJ card. You're just another arrest on their monthly tally sheet. So if you start talking shit or get in their face, they'll arrest you for MJ and anything else under the sun.
  17. in cali , doctors give out MMJ recommendations like its nuthin.

    and in the bay area you can join a county's "club" like oakland cannabis buyers club and then you can pretty much get into any club in alameda county with thats how it is in oakland though, south bay where I live they finally have dispensaries and all I need is a doctors recommendation to get into any of them here in San Jose/Santa Clara.

    shits different all around.:D
  18. Just so you understand:

    In CA, with a medical recommendation, you now have an affirmative defense IN COURT. You can still be arrested/cited/prosecuted depending on what all you got going on. That could also result in your stash getting dumped out or "confiscated" and "destroyed".

    So if you decide to smoke outside and you get funny about it, the police may and can get a little "tough" with you.

    The law in CA about conditions in which it would be specifically prohibited are posted above so that should suffice.

    I guess the point is dont prod the beehive and you should be ok.
  19. First off, I can give you loads of more information but: The card is something that doctors scam people with to make money. Your 'card' has absolutely no value besides the material it was made out of, you need to have your paper doctors signed recommendation on you if you encounter any law enforcement and your being questioned.

    Second, there is a card that you can get that will prevent you from being arrested as long as your not doing some belligerently stupid. It's a medical marijuana card issued by your county's Department of Health and Transportation, it's the only legal medical marijuana card that prevents you from being arrested on marijuana charges. Great thing to have if you live in the most bias medical cannabis county like I do.

    Good luck and just don't do anything stupid and you should be fine!
  20. I dont like that state card, to open about personal info.

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