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Can you smoke males?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. The answer is yes. I did and a bowl packed full of the balls will get you as stoned as a bowl of female bud in your bowl so for all you NAY SAYERS stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
  2. acourse you CAN smoke it silly. if ya wanna
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Do not mock me woman

  4. Mommy and daddy, stop fighting!
  5. mommy daddy.. umm... you guys are creepin me out here
  6. You smoked the balls from a male plant..? I didn't even think they had a big concentration of THC in them..but I could be wrong.
  7. What the!

    *shakes his head and walks away*

    Those crazy potheads...
  8. yup bowl full of balls does get u stoned

  9. a mouth full of balls gets you stoked? justa kiddin...

    wait so then why don't people sell em?
  10. the mommy and daddy thing creeped me out too :eek:

  11. Because it wouldn't be practical. To get the male balls, or enough to sell, you'd have to grow them (males) out longer, risking them spreading their evil seed to the females. No one wants seedy females. To grow males you'd have to have another room or something, but that could have been used to grow more females.

    I hope I made sense, lol.
  12. ^^^^^
    Exactly, i only had one plant and it was the male ( i really screwed around on this grow but trust me next year it will be back to same ole same ole)
  13. if it got you as high as female weed than either 1. your tolerance is low , 2. the female weed was shitty .... it is a fact that males are less potent because the seeds take up alot of the nutrients and thc and shit. You personally may have gotten just as high or it felt like you did but its a FACT that a male is less potent than a female of the same bud, thats just how plants work.
  14. Congratulations! When I tried it, it tasted nasty and gave me a headache. People told me pollen was a big seller in Europe (for smoking), I’m thinking……………..huh?

    I have seen some experiments where people put males outside after a winter grow in the spring just to see what happens. One experiment showed the male oozing trichomes even from the stems, and then it started sprouting female flowers, a reverse hermie!

    Generally speaking, the males are not good smoke though…………at least for most people.


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