can you smoke males?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pohsib, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. i seem to read everywhere to throw away a mlae plant...can you not smoke them?
  2. I save all my males and use them to make hash!
  3. u can smoke leaf, if u use the younger, smaller top leaf its best but any will do.

    if u soak the leaf in water over nite b4 u dry them then u shud see the water turn green. this is the clorofill comming out, thats wot gives leaf that nasty "im smoking my lawn" taste. a good soaking will smooth the smoke out no end. thc dont disolve in water so it wont weeken ur smoke any and its well worth doing if all u have is males or u didnt get a lot of bud.

    btw u can also smoke male flowers just like female flowers. they tend to be just as potent but u dont get a lot on a plant so it isnt really worth growing a plant 4 male flowers. but if u have them smoke them.
  4. oh and the reason ppl say get rid of the males is cus of the pollon they give off and that wud ruin a senci crop by seeding it
  5. make cannabutter.
  6. Years ago, before my ol' lady and I knew anything about growing, we got a plant from seed that was bushy and healthy looking, so we nourished it under some powerful floures and it thrived. We smoked the droppings which amounted to enough to keep us both happy -- and several friends, too.

    This went on for about a year, during which time we learned how to propagate clones. All these plants produced a very nice, fine high, mostly cerebral with little couch lock.

    As we learned, we realized that what we had were males, all males, not a female in the bunch of course since all but the "mother/father" were clones.

    The stones were very satisfying, but not as intense as some Maui-waui brought back from Hawaii by a friend, and Panama Red brought direct from the Canal Zone by a gf who came through customs without any inspections because her parents worked in the Canal Zone. That Panama Red was the finest herb I have ever smoked.

    So definitely, m'man, always go for the buds. But sometimes you'll get very happy with the smoke from a male.
  7. i was the stoner bear too... Hmm... what a coincidence. :)
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  10. yeah absolutelly you can smoke them but the flowers smells like a shit when you smoke male plants and then you have some alternatives about males so you can have "male oil "by male plants' leafs and these yellow long flowers

    and ofcourse if you have a nice skunk male plant , you may sexual with other female lab skunks or what ever you have....
  11. This year I planted 30 plants and I got an equal ratio male to female. I pulled all of the males to prevent pollination and dried them all ending up with about 1/4 pound of male shake. I kept the shake for all of the uses this plant has.
    The cannabutter is the best way to use the male plants and I am an ex-smoker so I like to roll a leaf cig and that helps with the cravings with a mild high. The best use of the cannabutter was in Rice Crispy treats in my opinion.
    You can also make tinctures and a topical muscle rub from the roots as well.
    The cannabis plant has many uses-male and female so I recommend not getting rid of the males. Jusat make sure they don't commingle with the girls unless you want seeds.
  12. i made a "bear" thread in a somewhat more appropriate place.

    but as for the topic of males. ...
    of course you can smoke them.
    just dont expect to get high in any respect from it.

    i think woody made an excelent thread about how to make bubble hash. if your crop is big enough, i advise following his advice. see the search button at the top right? ... go for it. ;)
  13. Would any one care to chat?
  14. sure my aim name is Schrananapuss...... look 4 me ;-)
  15. that wud do it 4 me.

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  16. I think it depends on the maturity of the male, if a male is allowed to go full cycle; it may produce more gland heads (trichomes/crystals) thus making it more viable.

    Don’t expect much from them though, beyond a solid headache, unless you see sticky trichomes like the picture above. Same with females, the big fan leaves with no crystals on them really wont do much.

    Making cannabutter or other extractions will get the most from the material, but I have yet to get what I would call “high” from eating cannabis. Many people swear by it though.

    Heres a pic of a male I put in the ground outside in order to collect pollen for selective breeding. I just threw it away after I collected the pollen I wanted, I dont need to waste my time with them.


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  17. [​IMG]

    does that mean I'm not a stoner :-(
  18. I Have herd pollon makes a nice smoke ? Am i right i have 2 Male and 2 female lowryder 2 At 8 weeks old ,

    I cant see any yelow powder On the Males yet This may happen at week 9 the last week
  19. Pollon is a good smoke ?

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