Can you smoke hash out of this vape pen?

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  1. Idk a lot about mj, so i wanted to know, can i smoke hash oil out of my vape pen? I have a "Vapor 123" e-cig. Its like the one's they sell at gas stations with the threads that absorb the liquid.
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    If you have one that can accept replaceable cartomizers that's the better way. I find eventually after vaping so many loads of hash oil the coils build up a carbon layer and start becoming very harsh. Also it depends on the consistency. If this is liquid, than any cartomizer made for liquids will work. If it's wax or shatter you need an e-nail with a globe.

    On looking at the Vapor 123 kit, it looks like your generic vape pen with clearomizer. You'll be fine loading oil. About 10 grams of oil later though and don't be surprised if you need a new clearomizer. Luckily those are very cheap to buy

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