Can you sell 360 hard drives to gamestop?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by RVD420RVD, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Well can u? Haha and if so how much would I get for a 60 gb hdd?
  2. prolly? i dont see why not?

    they sell everything else.

    you can call up gamestop and ask?

    or i guess u can wait nd see if an employee of theirs reads this.
  3. You'd get a better answer if you ask gamestop instead of GC.
  4. They'll probably give you 50cents for it, cheap ass fuckers

    I remember I brought in 2 full bags of "recent" games nothing GOOD but just recent xbox games. the guy looks at me and goes "ill give ya 7 bucks for 'em"

    I felt like I was on a bad episode of pawn stars
  5. I would say bring it to Gamestop if you want to get a half ass price for the hard drive. Otherwise if you have the time try putting it up on ebay and see if anyone buys it.
  6. Yea you can sell our hard drive to gamestop but they won't give you ass much as you'd probably like. If you don't need to sell it now I'd wait till they have some sort of deal were you get more money for it, like an extra 20% promotion or something.
  7. gamestop rips u off bad
  8. I don't know what the hell kind of gamestop you guys are going for. I get at LEAST half the price for any game with in 2 years old. Also on top of this, if you have the power up card you get 15% more. So you get what it's worth. Hmph, the people you go to are just asshole, I mean honestly. And till August 9th, there is this deal that for ever 3 games worth more then $2 you trade in, you get a extra $10.

  9. This seems to be the issue if "its not your gamestop"

    Maybe it's cause you have a power up card?
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    Not sure what Gamestop you go to, but that information is hardly what I'd call accurate. Don't lie to people, man.
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    I think its cause u got a membership which I think u gotta pay every month or year. If u ain't got no membership they treat u like shit
  12. Ouch but NO gamestop should work like this, it's all done through computer pricing. They scan or lookup the game then tell you how much it's worth, they can't really give you a ballpark so he was obviously just trying to rip you man.

    I traded in 5 old xbox games and 4 old ps3 games. (3 of the games were 2010 sports games) and as long as I got a game they would take off 3 games I traded in, give me the game for free, then put the rest on a gift card. So i got NCAA 12 and 50 bucks. pretty great deal to me.

    As for trading in accessories (hard drives) your much better off selling it online (actually games too) you can always get more (Gamestop sucks for trading in accessories). Ill buy you hard drive if your looking to sell it cheap, I have a new xbox and apparently you can put OLD hard drives in somehow so I would like to experiment.
  13. They don't give you money, but they give you store credit

    And not a lot of store credit.
  14. Fuck gamestop

    They're a bunch of cheap bastards

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