Can you see me?

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  1. Written while waiting on my bong ice to freeze. :hello:

    I look in this mirror, to see my strangers face

    Secretly wondering, if he could do better in my place
    Every day I get lost, and every day I feel doubt
    Every night I lie awake, wishing I could let him out

    Many mornings I have a risen and many nights I've went to sleep
    Yet every time I look, it is him I have to greet
    Selfishly involved, is this person I have grown to be
    Effortlessly disagreeable, I know not what has become of me
    Lies yarns and tales these are all false statements of the truth
    For now the lights go off to be forgotten forever, my troubled youth

  2. totally chill!
  3. Wow.. very nice I like it!
  4. thaz nice :smoke:

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