Can you see it?

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  1. Is anybody able to see auras?
  2. Define "see."
  3. To visually perceive with sensory organs. Maybe even by other means, like when Neo in Matrix Revolutions saw at the end when his eyes were all fucked.
  4. at times, depends on my state of consciousness
    but i dont see them as distinct colors for some reason..
    mainly a white haze of energy
  5. I practice 'seeing' them when it is relevant. I don't know if I am seeing the right colors however.

  6. According to what I've read, that's what you see during the first stages of being able to see it. Do you see it in every object?

  7. How long do you practice or more importantly, how often?
  8. A handful of times, only.

    But without trying, every day, I see trails of "what was", like a tracer of a hand, someone walking by and leaving their trail behind them, or better with fast moving vehicles, like a car.
  9. I can feel and translate. It is what made me such a great athlete. My ability to feel and read what the opponent and what my teammates were feeling/thinking.

    It really is a gift. I can not visually see the auras however.

  10. So if you were at a busy mall and stood as people passed by, you would be suffocated with these trails or is it very rare when it happens. How long do you see them for?

  11. How do you feel the aura then? What sport do you play?

  12. The effect is never "suffocating". Sometimes, it becomes annoying, but to me, it's just like seeing the color red.

    That means every day, all the time, I see the trails of activity.

  13. ok cool.. did a little more reading and came across that as well.. a bit more practice should help out..

    and ya in most objects.. depends on my state like i said earlier..

    if i blaze n meditate things are usually more prominent

  14. It would be easier to tell you sports I didn't play :smoke:

    IDK how I feel it, I just can. If I could explain it to people then if I were to be a coach my teams would be unstoppable because they could just feel/read each other vs. talking :p

  15. Ok, I'm picturing a trail kinda like planes leave behind. Are they all different colors or the same?

  16. Yeah for some reason blazing helps meditate easier. Have you always been able to see them?

  17. Oh I see, well it be pretty cool if you could manage to study such feeling and perhaps find a way to control it.
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    It's like a wisp.

    No real color, just transparent.

    Also, it's not so much like smoke trails from a plane.

    Go to your Control Panel, click Mouse.

    Go to the Pointer Options tab, enable pointer trail.

    Perfect example of what I see normally.
  19. Never heard of anyone seeing auras. Now that I saw this thread I'm gonna do some research. Can you train your body to see them? What purpose does this serve?

  20. Yeah, you can train to see them. It tells you how the person is overall, depending on the color of their aura.

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