Can you say FUCKTARD? I can...

Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Fuck that.

    That site does have some funny shit though. The "scare me" videos were absolutely hilarious.
  2. thats fucked up.
  3. Probably for crack money.

    And i mean, he punches her to the ground, a granny on the ground = a defenseless slug, you dont gotta kick her face in and break her osteoperosis ribs.
  4. Holy fuck, I wish I could shoot that guy. Who the fuck hits an old lady let alone kick her in the FACE while shes down. I bet he thinks he 'gangsta' now
  5. thats gotta be fake man

  6. Yeah im sure it is... close the thread :rolleyes:
  7. Don't know why someone would go through all that trouble to make something that fucked up.
  8. if i saw that fool in real life i would stab his ass that is the straight lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the low you can get. i have more respect for the dc sniper.
  9. was it a granny or some homeless dude?

    either way it is fucked up...what a douchebag
  10. I think it was a homeless old lady
  11. then i guess that makes it doubly fucked up huh?

    she has suffered enough i am sure
  12. Humans are fucked up.
  13. I second that.
  14. So what? I beat up the elderly on a regular basis.

  15. Hey, you're still in your acid trip man, you have no say :D

  16. Deffinatly not fake, happened in DC. It was alll over the news in my area. The woman is a very popular street vendor who sells DC memeroabilia. If I rember correctly the guy stole about $200 from her but was caught because of the video tape
  17. I almost want to -rep you Rasta.
  18. Phh bring it.

    Don't knock it untill you try it. It's great, they can't fight back!
  19. that is hella messed up.

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