Can You Roll A Joint With No Paper At All?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by YotsubaSenpai, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. So I had an idea. It's where you just get your nug with no paper or filter or anything and kind of form it into a joint shape. Then you light the end of it and inhale through the other end of the nug. Would you be able to smoke just a nug like a joint 'cause that would be pretty cool.

  2. You mean if you can't buy rolling papers? Well, i used to use a gum wrapper just scrape all the mettalic shit off it. The best thing to use is rolling papers though.
  3. I know about that and I am not short of papers, I just want to know if this would theoretically work.
  4. no, there is no hole through the nug, it would be more like hot knifing hash which in flower form wouldn't work well
  5. i always smoke paperless j's, noobs
  6. That's not how science work

    Yeah physics and shit

  7. I read about sticking the nug in your nose, lighting it and inhaling.
  8. Actually, hot knifing nugs works very well in my experience. 
  9. I heard you can just crush it and snort it. nn to light anything.
  10. Lol you will be wasting weed if you try that.
    Lol I love to come here and read this stuff you kids really crack me up with your ideas.
  11. There is a vid somewhere on GC of a guy that did just that as a party trick. no blood or blisters. He did it! Mad props to him.
    The powerful play goes on and even the stupid can contribute a verse.
    When is summer over again?
  13. If you have a slim Jim you can cut the casing off it and roll the joint in that. It actually rolls better than paper but burns more quickly. Really only good for the novelty of it or if you're really in a bind and that's the only option available.
  14. Don't waste your weed, simply buy rolling papers or consider trying it in a bong
  15. Smokin weed in a slim jim now thats pure fucking genius!
  16. If you could get weed to stick together in the shape of a joint, you could probably light one end, mouth on the other, inhale, and get a little. Cause the weed smoke would slither through the invisible holes to your mouth and lungs.
  17. 1-10% of it would and 90% of the smoke will be blowin in the wind.
  18. Lol you're stoned bro

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    This could possibly work.  Ya'll are negative yo.
    The only way i see this happening is if you roll it around something thing then pull it off leaving an inner tube.  This would direct the airflow down the center due to the law of least resistance or whatever.  The inner tube would hopefully get close to eliminating air intake from anywhere other than the tip or cherry.  You could help this effect out by smearing hash oil or maybe some honey or something on the outside.
    Just think of the thai stick.  It uses no papers, just this method but wrapped with fan leaves (which I'm guessing the OP doesn't have acces too)  You've just got to get the airflow right, that's all.
    edit- Lol, just re-read the original post and saw the nug part.  Dude, OP, don't smoke a nug dude, that'll waste all of it.
  20. Actually yes, if you roll some bud between your hands for a while until its a nice cyllinder and then poke a hole through the middle of it it will work, seen it happen :D :bongin:

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