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  1. Boy have I had a terrible night. I skipped out on practice and went to m y friends house. The day was ok until when i got a call from my parents asking where I was the entire time, and i said i went to go to court to pay that 300$ fine. I had missed my payday and they added a fine to my already 120$ ticket. So before that I was on deferred adjucation but they said that they didn't have it in their records so they could put me on deferred something else (jst another form of probation). So that's 2 probations and plus I forgot i had bud in my car and i was going 24 in a school zone right in front of a cop. I thought my life was about to end right there.

    I rub it off and burn 3 100$ bills and hand it over to them. I have to go take defensive driving and red light class.

    I shrugged it off like it was no big deal and went to my friends house. Later on my dad calls and is worried where I was. Seriously? 30 minutes late from practice, and i told him I was eating (which I was). I got yelled at for eating and came home and ate dinner. I told my parents I was going to church after that and found out that my friend's parents were gone. My other friends called and met me somewhere, and then after that i told them to come with me to my friend's house. Some of them dislike toking so I held off until some of them left. I toked up, and it was hella buzzkill everywhere. I felt guilty and everone kept talkin about the tokers in the room and look at us with that buzzkill look. The girl i have a crush on is with us and my other good friend may have a crsh on her too and i saw them flirting and it just stabbed my heart to see that. Then they leave TOGETHER in the same car and buy booze and i see them leave bumping butts. 10 minutes later it's just me and my friend and my mom calls (i was already feeling like shit at this point) saying she checked my church and said thatI wasn't there. Told me to go home and btihed at me for an hour. I shouldn' have lied, i know. The prolem is i'm feeling guily for pot although I know nothing is wrong with it. Its the buzzkill I'm getting from them.

    Now i'msitting my bed typing this up. I feel pretty bad right now for a lot of reasons. Anyone's input and support/criticism is welcome. Just thought venting was suffice.

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  2. well i cant relate...dont go to church...dont play sports....smokin weeds not bad and if you have friends that dont accept you for who you are how r they your friends. and the girl thing if the guy knows you like him he aint your friend and if the girl knows you like her and she fucks your friend and trys to come back to you just reject her it aint worth it....and if thats a bad day then you dont know bad....try goin out with a girl for a week and every day your goin out with her shes fuckin a different one of you best friends ....and then you find out she had MRSA and the clapp an you still smoke that shit was fucked up and im still the fuckin happiest guy alive...ppl have hard lives feel lucky your hit that ZONG:smoke:

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