Can you recommend a proxy?

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  1. Hey folks. Could anyone recommend a fairly cheap reliable proxy server? Does anyone else worry about IP tracking? What are you folks using?

  2. I wouldnt worry about it. There are millions of people online talking about weed in several forums. If you're worried about this forum, its run through Amsterdam if Im not mistaking and I dont think they'll just freely give up your IP info especially if you havent done anything serious. There are thousands of users here posting pics of their grow ops and pick ups. :smoking:
  3. I would recommend a proxy that supports SSH tunneling. Just do a Google search for "shell ssh tunnel proxy", this should yield some useful results. All of my IM connections and HTTP browsers are proxified using SSH tunneling. In OS X, one simply opens the terminal and types this command at the prompt:

    [FONT=Lucida Console]ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888 [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL][/FONT]
    Replace with your username@your shell

    In Windows, I recommend using Putty for SSH tunneling. I do not have a screenshot of what that configuration would look like within Putty, but i'm sure its pretty straight forward

    Now, using the guide below, go into the Firefox prefs (if not in firefox, locate the browser's proxy preferences), and apply localhost as the proxy host, and 8888 as the port.

    You are now ready to proxify other connections. I would go into your favorite IM program and find the proxy settings (usually in the preferences menu), applying localhost as the proxy server, and 8888 for the port. Some programs ask for a username/password, leave this blank.

    Feel free to ask me any questions. :bongin:
  4. Well I don't know about you but smokin' bud is illegal in Cali and if you got your recs you need not worry...don't know where you live but I would use "private browsing on mozilla" or just use will even hide you at work....just know that ever google search you have ever done has most likely been tracked and recorded and so it probably wont do you much good to hide behind a proxy now...good luck:D
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    Go here
    Look for a High-Anonymous Proxy/Server
    Enter it like so:

    Turn on config to Manual Proxy.

    Finding proxys/servers in Eastern Block countries and others that do not communicate well with the US is a better choice over the UK.
  6. I do have my CA state card and rec, you should look into proxying other connections such as torrents. A bunch of people just got sued for torrenting the movie Hurt Locker, check this out: Hurt Locker Producers Suing Torrent Downloaders
  7. damn that sux cuz I d/l that shit twice.

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