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Can you really "smoke yourself stupid"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by keystone08, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Although i have not been smoking for many years, me and my buddies found there was nothing to do in our town other than get baked, order a pizza and watch a movie (what could be better right?) So we have been smoking a few times every day and now i am going into my junior year, important year for getting into college and i am worried that it is goig to take me down hill because i am a fairly smart kid. is it possible to smoke yourself stupid or retarded?
  2. No.
    Don't smoke before school, go to your classes, get out and study. Then blaze.
  3. Agreed. I've always used weed as a sort of a reward for a job well done. Go to class sober, take notes, study, get all of the important stuff out of the way first, then smoke. Otherwise you'll be smoking to forget about how you did not do an assignment, looming deadlines, etc.

  4. Alright, you might want to mention you stayed back a year or two, because a junior in highschool typically is 16/17, i'm sure you're 18 though... heh
  5. study high, take the test high, get high scores

    but seriously i'm in a similar situation as you. ive decided to only blaze on weekends during the school year. grades are important man
  6. When i get really super high i become a stupid piece of shit just sitting around so i can temporaraly smoke my self stupid:D
  7. haha i know how you feel :smoking:
  8. Ya I just started my junior year as well after smoking close to everyday this summer. I decided on only smoking on weekends except for random things on weekdays when I dont have hw or anything to worry about for the next day but that is rare. After smoking alot this summer, school isnt as much of a drag as it used to be, I am more laid back in general and kinda just go with it.
  9. i used to smoke throughout school, get super blazed, and then id get smarter...or maybe shit got easier...i dont know, but i went through with a 3.7 pretty steady, and i smoked morning before school, lunch, free periods id go home and toke, id do bong rips and study...

    but thats not for little bro smoked alot too, and he just got stupider...for some people weed opens up their thoughts, for others they become the stereotypical stoner...we all have moments of both, but what you need to do is define your high, and make it work for you. school shouldnt be a problem if you know how to buckle down, and even if your high, know how to take in knowledge...i actually did better when i got i was motivated to be the best person possible, and do the best i no one really said anything...
  10. In my junior year I had all of my real classes before lunch, and then study hall and photography after lunch, plus we were allowed to go off campus for lunch.
  11. I smoke everyday before school and have AP classes.
  12. Well my good friend i think has done that. He wasn't the smartest to begin with, used to take ritalin for ADD in elementary, never really got good grades. And recently hes been like calling himself a dumb ass because some of the shit hes been saying and doing. I dont really remember :)bongin:) all of the stupid stuff he did but we both agreed hes stoned himself stupid.
  13. first of all, consider yourself banned haha. I smoked everyday before school my junior year, and trust me unless you are above average intelligence you won't be able to pull it off. If you go to school high it will be hard, i didn't give a fuck and i was still able to pass but I kinda regret it now. my senior year I only smoked after school and did much better. i never cared about grades, as long as you get into college it's all good. seriously it takes a lot of smoking everyday to not get lazy and unmotivated anymore, it's something that you have to overcome especially with school.

    what the hell is wrong with you guys.. He opened a thread asking a good question and what do you do? You think you're some Sherlock Holmes by knowing that people are usually minors in Junior year. Guess what fuckwads: did that help anyone? Guess another thing: yeah, there is 18 year olds that are in 11th grade
  15. ^^^^^ Hah, yeah I second that. And secondly, (or thirdly?) I smoked before school alot. I was too impatient so sit around in a class for 2 hours in high school sober. So I mean, it depends. Are you going to get re-tarted and pass out in your class? Than yeah, that's not exactly how you get good grades. Just smoke a bowl to yourself one day and see if that's what you'd want to be in class like. And usually I wouldn't even be high my second class, by that time I'd be coming down. So theres your time to get some energy in you if ya' can...
  16. your fucked...

  17. First of all, I gave him an out, I said that he might have been older if you read my post. Secondly, what's with the aggression? Bad stoner! Thirdly, it can help, if he is under age, now he might realise not to let people on to it.
  18. Guess what "fuckwad", he said he was smart, why would a smart person still be GOING into 11th grade and be 18? That would make him be 21 when he graduated....

    He would be a fucking moron, just drop out a get a GED...
  19. you can be still be smart and get held back 1 year man..
  20. don't forget spacey high weed. i have some hybrid bagseed that's totally spacey. it isn't just stoney, but when you smoke it, you can't even remember your name. it's a total "duhhhhhhhh" buzz. you smoke it and just stare off into space and can't form a single coherent thought.

    that's why i like sativas. they're so much more clearheaded.

    P.S. never heard of a burnout?

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