Can you really feel love?

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  1. I was just sitting here thinking, can you really feel love? Like that warm feeling people always talk about. Even on this site, even thought it's been a long time since I've been on this site, I see people talking about it and how great it is. Love is something I never really felt, even from a parent. I'm sure they do, mostly cause they say they do and we'll parents usually love their children. I'm just wondering if people genuinely feel love, like they truly feel different. And before you ask if I've ever felt love or any of that, no I haven't. Since leaving this site do long ago I was put into a psych emergency hospital and do have a lot of metal issues that kind of make it hard to be close to anyone, even family and friends. So that's why I ask, do you really feel love when you say your in love?
  2. i don't understand. you know that people love each other, but you don't feel love because of personal issues. and your question is if we feel love. did you not just answer your own question?
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    Definitely. I've been in love once. I remember the exact moment it happened.

    We were sitting in her car. We had driven to Chicago on a totally spur of the moment thing. We had gotten to my friends house and we were in her car smoking cigarettes and she's just talking and I look at her and it was like my heart exploded in a million butterflies. It was a physical feeling in my body. It was like my whole body melted inside.

    I've also had deeeep, deep feelings of like for others and that can sometimes feel similar but it's not permanent.

    It's all just chemical reactions so it's probably different for every person, I'm sure.
  4. Feeling love is meaningless unless you have something meaningful to back it up. Some people feel love after sex or some other stimulating event but without meaningful experiences and attributes then the love is false. Only being felt because of the chemicals being released at the moment.

    You'll know youre feeling love when whenever you think about the person not being around anymore you feel like your "soul" is being ripped out of your body. You really feel it in your heart.
  5. yeah you feel love. like a warming grace that transcends reason.
  6. I know that people say they love each other. But people say a lot of things.
  7. i think everyone feels love. it's part of our emotions.
    what makes you say that you've never felt love?
  8. Being close to people makes me feel uneasy. It bugged me to the point few years ago I moved away from everyone I know. I could never imagine getting that close to someone. It kinda freaks me out
  9. Yes you feel love since it's a biochemical release in your brain.
    If you have to ask then you've never been in love. It usually hits you like a truck.
    Just don't get dumped. It will suck ass.
  10. I've never felt it and probably won't. Not sure that I'm capable of it.
  11. Different people define love differently for each relationship they have I think

    For me (with my current boyfriend of three years) I feel love most when he does something that reminds me that all of his imperfections and all of the little fights we have only make the special moments even better. So I guess I feel love through our ability to balance our connection :)

    Love is a specific thing. I doubt I will feel the exact same way with another person, because the love I feel with anyone else will/has be(en) just as unique :)

  12. If you are talking about that dizzy headed feeling that ppl talk about then it doesn't last long . Only when you give it time you'll have an answer whether its love orlike in most cases  just pure infatuation ..
  13. I know its love for me. I say that because I cant n couldn't let someone else have my gf. If I can't see myself not having u in my life or being with someone else I have a big feeling for u. And u just have them body warming great times together. And u just feel some comfortable and close together wherever I are and can to a point depend on each others "safety"
  14. I have felt love once, I felt high but without drugs it was crazy stuff.  Not sure if it was just cause it was my first ever gf though and that's why I felt it, or maybe it was just because she was the only girl I actually was in love with who knows, but like I say I've had a fair few gfs since and never felt like that.
  15. Love can mean anything, so it really means nothing.
    Love is unique to the individual. Where we might agree on some identifying features of love. Love in its entirety is different for everyone.
    Love is what you, the individual, make of it.
  16. There's this girl I'm in love with unfortunately. We've been friends for about 2 years but go to college 5 hours apart so only see each other when we go home.
    We've both told each other we loved one another when we were drunk but that doesn't count for anything. What does count is this weird empty feeling I get when I'm with other girls. I always think about her and compare these girls unfairly to her and I cannot stay with them because I want her. The problem is she is slightly mentally unstable. She has depression and bipolar disorder so dating would be a challenge. But I definitely love her.

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  17. The girl I've been dating for almost 3 years now when I first told her that I loved her I felt this sharp weird but pleasant sensation over my right back like kidney area. Since then she's been the only person to ever give me that feeling. So idk if that counts but besides that whenever I'm with her I just feel warm and like connected to her. It's pretty difficult to explain.

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  18. Mmm, interesting.........
  19. [quote name="dokc" post="20955942" timestamp="1416510721"]Love can mean anything, so it really means nothing.

    ThAt blew my mind

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