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Can You Re-Use Stainless Steel Pipe Screens?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tree Of Life, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. First time I ever use one and I'm just wondering why they came in a pack of 5 when you only really need 1? I mean is it bad to use the same screen more than a few times or something? Or is it more for the taste of a fresh screen that isn't filled with resin?
  2. Of course you may reuse them. If it starts getting too clogged, remove it and gently scrap the crude off. :smoke:
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  3. of course you can reuse them but they come in a 5 pack cause they are like 10 cents each and people shouldn't be that concerned about saving 10 cents
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    Trust me dude, I couldn't care less about saving 10 cents. I just wanted to know if it was purely for taste or if they started deteriorating after a few uses. Just a question.
  5. Yeah just try not to use them to smoke resin haha.  I tried that and it completely caked up my screen
  6. For sure bro. I don't really smoke resin. :p I don't like how it tastes.
  7. ^Yeah I only do so when times are rough
  8. they tent to get stuck from being coated with resin if you dont change them often enough
  9. yup use it till it cracks in half...or just get a glass piece
  10. ^ What do you mean get a glass piece? I use a spoon lol.

    Thanks for the help guys! :smoking:
  11. i think he means glass screens. they're def reusable but more expensive
  12. Then the reason would be - because it's so easy to dump or loose one. :smoke:
  13. Ah, that would make sense then. :p Any idea on how much glass screens usually cost? The guy in the headshop I got the steel ones from showed me a glass one, but I didn't really know the deal with that and I just figured I'd try the steel ones out.
  14. I mean a glass spoon which doesnt require a're putting a steel screen in a glass bowl? They're for metal pieces
  15. wtf r you talking about lol
  16. Usually new glass only needs a small break of herb slightly larger then the hole. Some people don't like/use this method, thus glass screens.
    Sometimes the interior of the bowl gets chipped/enlargened and needs a screen of sorts. :smoke:
  17. Are they? I just figured they were for pipes in general. Works great in my new spoon! I smoked out of it probably 15-20 times since I bought it and it's actually still really clean some how. I can't believe I wasn't buying screens sooner! :bongin:
  18. well i used to break off chunks and sit it in the dole and still inhaled some hot ash.
    but now i grind all my weed and just use a pebble. works so good and its free.. another perk is that the pebble gets hot where it keeps it cherried :)
  19. I used to do this, but I think the screens are a lot more effective. I don't know, maybe I just suck too hard. ;)
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