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Can You Put

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KazmoS, May 13, 2010.

  1. I was with my friend and then some how we came up with the idea to put something other than water in a Bubbler/Bong like maybe oj or apple juice to give it a different flavour, would that work?
  2. first of all mr. 2 posts, you should search the forums before you ask dumb questions. second, no you shouldn't put anything that's not water into a "water" pipe. ya dig?
  3. I've read a lot of posts here that putting other liquids such as soda or juice is good as well, except for the cleaning afterward.
  4. To actually be productive here and answer your question, yes, of course many other liquids would work on a bong. If you put apple juice in a bong instead of water it's not gonna fucking blow up on you. It's apple juice.

    My advice would be to probably avoid carbonated liquids or alcohol for rather obvious reasons, but other than that, experiment and toke away my friend. To each his own. Doubtful that filtering through damn near any other type of liquid is going to do much harm or good with your smoking experience.

    The easiest way to keep a bong clean is to use water though.
  5. if you think bong water is bad, imagine how god awful bong apple juice would be? or bong beer? the thought makes me shudder.
  6. i've tried orange juice, and truth be told i didnt notice much of a difference. personally, i live in a dorm room, and keep a bottle of water filled up in the fridge that i use for my homemade bong(s). maybe add a couple ice cubes. good luck to you though. after all its YOUR bong. experiment and post results.
  7. It's smoke... You are not gonna make your smoke taste like cherry coke by putting cherry coke in your bong.

    Look at the ingredients on shit other then water, why would you filter your smoke through that? It's pointless, disgusting, and hard to clean.

    The point of using a bong or bubbler is to help purify your smoke, thus using purified water.
    If one of my friends even suggested this during a session, Id just call them a dumbass. Sorry if that's harsh, lol.

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