Can you put water in a spoon?/

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  1. So my new spoons has a little larger than normal space under the bowl. So if i put water in there and smoke it at an angle. It has a little bubbler effect. Has anyone ever done this, or has any ideas or opinions about it. I think it might just make a smoother hit.
  2. i wouldnt if i were you, i mean i wouldnt want to get any of that "delicious" liquid going down to my stomach.

  3. its about 6 inches long. and i just took a pull from it, without any weed, and no water came into my mouth.
  4. You can put water in a spoon, but I don't think it'll give your desired effect.
  5. I don't think it will work, you will get water in your mouth and get your weed wet.
  6. without a downstem, the weed would get wet. If your weed isn't getting wet then I assume the water is just behind the smoke and not actually filtering it.
  7. well give it a go if your not getting any in your mouth. worst comes to worst you lose a bp. you could always try it with tobacco first so you dont waste any of your precious greens
  8. I picture this.

    Water below bowl.
    Bubble bubble.
    Weed wet.
  9. I wouldn't. Unless there's a stem holding the weed above the water and the smoke is being blown under the water, the water is useless. Just use a bubbler if you want a pipe like instrument with water filteration.

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