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can you put ice in a bong without an ice catcher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mtbandmetal, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. i recently got a real nice bong, my first one. it's about 2 feet with 2 percs, but no ice catcher. I was wondering if you can just put ice in the top and have it sit on the top perc? I don't know why it wouldn't work, but I figured I may as well hear some opinions.
  2. i would not do that.....
    you can put ice water crushed ice.
    but idk...i wouldnt do that....
  3. I'd be afraid of it breaking the perc. I guess if you could put it in there gently enough, but ice does melt and shift around.

    I don't have any experience with this, but I would have to say it could possibly be risky.
  4. I have a couple times, the bong that I have done it with though twists and turns so that the ice can only go so far down so I dont know about your bong.
  5. I do it, just be careful. If you make big cubes they get caught in the inhaling cylinder, but it still cools the smoke on the way up.
  6. you should do it, but the second it looks dangerous stop
  7. maybe you should just cold water in your bong, to be on the safer side
  8. Ice water in the bong, and an ice cube in your mouth while milking.:hello:
  9. i wouldnt just get really cold water.

    I have a question, if you have just a normal bong w/o anything special. Can you still just drop ice down there, like is there a difference? im asking
  10. It would just cool your water bro. And for OP, tilt your bong and let the ice slide in carefully, so there is not much contact with the perc. I have seen people break spalsh guards and percs with carelessly dropped cubes. IMO, use half melted ones, not full size cubes.
  11. I have a regular ass bong and I tilt it sideways and drop some ice cubes in the water. Nothing will break unless you act like a moron and dont use common sense
  12. I do it all of the time..

  13. if you want cool smoke then fuck putting the water in just fill the bong up with enough ice to cover the the little glass thing sticking into the bong that the slider goes into im not sure if thats what a perc is, but anyhow ive done it and it works but i would just recommend buying a water/ice catcher bong it will make your life alot easier
  14. I always put ice cubes in my normal 2 footer.

    Most of em land in the water, but most of the time i can get one to catch, then i stack a bunch on top of that guy, and it cools the smoke really well as i draw it up the cylinder.

    Makes for super smooth hits, hehe.:smoking:
  15. Just think about how much you paid for your bong, and if the possibilty of breaking the percs with an ice cube still sounds like a good idea, go for it!
  16. lolwut? You mean put in enough ice to cover up the stem?

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