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Can you proportionate oz to grams, nick, dime, etc?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by honestabel, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. new To Gc My Fellow Smokers. Apologize For The Caps. first Though, Down Here In The south I Dont Really Hear Terms Like Quarter And Eigth and All That. Might Just Be Me Though. Anyway, Im Trying To Get Better Understanding Of Sizes Proportions N All That. I Got 2 Oz For 85 Which I Know Is A Hookup. Ive Seen A Number Of Things On The Net When It Comes To "Sizes". As Far As Grams Go, That terms Only Used For Quality Dro and The Size is About A Half Dollar-Like. a Little More And U Got A NiCk, 5 Bucks, Of Reg. Whats The Criteria For measuring Sizes. ive Heard Some People Measure On scale, But In Other Places, It Was Measured By Size (Like Size Of Your Palm Is A Dime Or Something). Yes Im A Somewhat Beginner...Or Apprentice. smoke On Folks.
  2. I would say never buy from someone who sells you based on some obscure measurement like comparing it to a dime or quarter (the coins). You want it to be weighed out on a scale because bud density can make a bud that looks like just a gram actually be two grams.
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    Jesus christ, learn to write.
    8th= 3.5g
    quarter oz=7g
    Half oz=14
    Always measure with scales. General price for where i am is £10 a gram, £35 a 8th, £100-120 a half £180 an oz.
    Dont go by looks alone unless the amount looks pretty awesome and the price is low, if you're unsure buy a pocket scale from amazon and take it to buys to be sure, if your dealer objects, he isn't a proper business person, and fuck em'
    2 oz for 85 is fuckin amazing.
  4. You can't eyeball weed that well.   If he sells you based on eyeballing, tell him to get a scale.
  5. on the street tiny bags are often revered to as "dimes" or "nickels" or "dubs"it comes from how much they cost.nickel= $5dime= $10dub= $20BasedgodDank
  6. Ya 85 for 2zs is awesome, but eyeballed Zs, who knows
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    Blunt/Nickle = 1g   ($5 for reg /  $20 for dank)
    Dime = $10 worth. (2g for reg)
    Dub = $20 worth. (4g for reg)
    Eighth = 3.5g (usually only sold for dank in this quantity, for $50-70)
    Quarter = 7g ($25 for reg, $100 for dank)
    Half = 14g ($40-50 for reg,  $175-200 for dank)
    Oz= 28g ($80-100 for reg,   $300-400 for dank)
    Qp (quarterpound / "cutie-pie") = 4oz (112g--  $275-350 for reg; $900-1500 for dank)
    Pound= 16oz (448g--  $1000-1400 for reg; $3000-5000 for dank)
  8. Americans should have adopted metric system 25 years ago.

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