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can you pretend to report a drug dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pluck4lyfe, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. its so hard to trust these days. i'm partially to blame for this, but yesterday i gave my drug dealer money before he gave me the weed. couldn't get a hold of him all day. i was thinking of bluffing him by threatening him w/ a text saying i would report him for trying to sell me weed if i dont get a reponse out of him. is this a bad idea? plz dont bash me
  2. lol u will never see your moneys again. NEVER EVER FRONT MONEY lesson learned move on...

    edit: dont fake report him in your texts its useless

  3. Telling someone you're gonna snitch will bring bad events your way man:eek:

    Best thing to do is get over it, and you learned your lesson. But if it's more then $100....

    You need to get yo money
  4. Never ever snitch! Unless... your being framed for murder:p
    But yeah... Id watch out. Drug dealers are crazy and if he thinks you snitched on him then some serious shit could go down.
  5. Fake report him??

    That's silly.................

    Just get your Dad to beat up his Dad.

    Or, do as the previous poster says and learn a lesson.
  6. never give you dealer money until you get the weed.....unless you know your dealer and knew him or her before they were dealers and then you can front money but i still wuoldnt
  7. Suck his dick.He will give you your weed.
  8. Life is not a video game you can't "report" it rofl, hey police I was trying to buy some heroin and the guy shot me wtf???

  9. If you threaten to snitch then you are garaunteed not to get your money back, and a shitload of trouble is coming your way. Get your money or bud and cancel any further business you have with him if he gives you shit about it. Also, never front money for bud unless you are physically taking the trip with your dealer to get it.
  10. If you mention ANYTHING about potentially snitching, and he gets booked in ANY way, your ass is on the line even if you had nothing to do with it.

    Subtlety is key :smoke:
  11. terrible idea, just move on if you tell him your gonna snitch you might end up in an alley with a concussion and 2 broken legs. not worth it.
  12. I signed up to reply to this post, a lot of the people replying seem like simpletons for example the person saying 'this is not a video game' I don't know any video games based around pretending to report drug dealers but the police certainly don't care who their information comes from or why the person is informing.
    I am assuming you can't intimidate this dealer as you are asking for advice on an internet forum, if he's just an average joe but sells weed you could try threatening to report him but if he is a criminal and would react violently then you got to accept you're never getting your money or you're weed and if that ain't good enough for you and you're still fucked off then why not annonymously report him? He basically robbed you fuck letting him get away with that if you can't get it back or hurt him then grass him up don't let stupid cunts tell you not to snitch what the fuck do you owe to him? Grass him up, never tell anyone you did it and smirk to yourself at whatever the consequences are for him.
  13. First off don't give money unless you get bud THAT INSTANT, and second, threaten to snitch and you will wish you never said a word. Never, never, ever snitch!
  14. oh hell no, sounds like its time to beat some ass.
  15. Some people unfortunately have to learn the hard way that fronting money is NEVER a good idea.
  16. He may have just gotten stoned and he missed it.

    Or you just have learned to never front money to a middleman. ;)

  17. This actually happened to someone I knew. He got ripped off, then bluffed about calling the 5-0.

    Then the cops arrested the guy a week later , and the kid basically had to go in to hiding.

    That was in high school.

    Another high school story that relates somewhat and is first hand for me...

    Me, my best friend, and about 5 other people were having a small toke party.

    The music was fairly loud, and anyone watching could have known that some kind of small party was going on.

    Anyway, this kid is over who doesnt smoke, he says he wants to try it someday or something, but he gets all uneasy over it when we do it and shit.

    He leaves right before the toking starts, and then about 30-40 minutes later, someone at the party gets a text from him that says "haha what if I just called the cops".

    This was a party, not a deal, and things almost came to screeching halt. Pretty much everyone was saying "WTF why would he say that?"

    and the moral of that story was, we were talking about beating his ass just for saying that, had the cops showed up regardless of who called or whatever, he would have gotten his ass beat.

    So yeah, NEVER FRONT.

  18. thats retarded.
    you dont call police over drug money. you must be crazy.

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