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Can you Peak?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by didier12, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. During my earlier days of getting high I thought that once I did 5 cones that I couldn't really get higher and that I was at my peak, Anyways my tolerance has improved now and I dont get as high off 5 as I used too, So two questions is it possible to peak as high as you can get and also now I'm more tolerant do I nedd like 8 cones to peak now?
  2. (Cone?) anyhow 5 hits of anything should get you pretty baked. Your tolerance is just higher as you stated earlier. Try smoking a different strain, changing how you smoke, or just take a day of two off. The downside to pot is that once you smoke a lot it does become a little harder to get that stoned feeling, but on the upside you become more functional when high because now you know how to handle it.
  3. Yes you can peak. I've smoked myself straight, as it were, to where I didn't even feel high, just a bit tired/strung out. That was in my dumb kid phase though.
  4. A cone is the cone peice of like a bong or a pipe, So you call it a cone when you do a chunk of weed on like a bong or pipe. However I live in Australia so maybe you don't call it that where you are from.
  5. Haha I'm from Aus too.

    We have little metallic cone shaped things here we use in all sorts of things (Home made bongs, pipes etc). So the measurement of smoking is usually "cones".

    I too have to smoke 4-8 cones to get really high now (if its high grade and i've had a few days off, 1 or 2 will seriously mess me up though).

    A cone is usually a little smaller than your typical American bowl, so thats why the numbers always seem a bit higher.

    But yeah, tolerance sucks. If you can't get high enough take a few weeks off and your tolerance will decrease, and try and not binge smoke (smoke all day everyday for few days) because that makes my tolerance SKYROCKET!

    Rock on aussies!
  6. Yeah aussies FTW!

    Me and my mates, and almost every other blade i know would call a cone shaped joint a cone.

    Takes me a good 3 or 4 bong hits to peak, anymore than that is just a waste for me as i wont feel it. And a fairly long, well rolled cone (joint) will get me pretty damn baked.

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