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Can You Overcook a Firecracker???

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by RaoleDuke, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hey, I just made my usual batch of firecrackers, but after I set the timer on the microwave, I put some food in to actually cook in the microwave. Inadvertently I added a minute to the timer instead of adding a minute to the food I was microwaving, so the firecrackers cooked for 23 minutes instead of 22. I don't notice anything different except that this time the peanut butter is oozing out just a litte, where normally it doesn't.

    Did I ruin my firecrackers? I would eat one to find out, but unfortunately I have a big test on Friday so I was just cooking some up for the weekend and can't try it myself until then. Has this happened to any of you??? I don't really care how it tastes, but just want to know if it will still get me where I need to be!
  2. Well I just made my first firecracker a few days ago and the cracker was burnt BAD, but it still got me ripped. So I would say you're fine, just might not taste too good.
  3. Yes you can over cook them in the fact that you burn the peanut butter oil or the cracker but thats why you use the organic peanut butter, the oils suck up the THC( as you already know) so as long as you're eating it then i'm sure it'll work. It wont work as well because you overcooked it and THC will release with heat so some might of burned up. But in my opinion you should be fine. It wont taste good at all though...hakkkunamattata
  4. what temp did you cook them at... i cooked mine for 22 mins at 300 which was waaaay too long... but ive tried them different ways and havent gotten any success so Im a firecracker hater lol
  5. I bake mine at 350 for 15-20 minutes then i let them rest for like 30 minutes to make sure all those oils are absorbed. You can burn them and they will taste terrible but will get you high
  6. Of course you can overcook a firecracker. You can overcook anything. Them being made with weed doesn't make them fire retardant, lol. But the difference between 22 and 23 minutes isn't going to do anything. You're all good.
  7. i heard baking them at temps of 350 kills the THC

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