can you OD on Love?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 27, 2003.


OD on Love? ?

  1. yep. be careful with that Love shit... its powerful stuff man.

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  2. no... eh... you got me worried now though.

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  3. no. of course you cant. that would be just rediculous. dont worry digit... its perfectly safe.

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  1. i'm talking Overdose as in to the point of death.

    to the best of my knowledge, there is only one substance that can claim prowess of being safe from such a terminus... praise da ganja.
    ...but love...
    can you OD on it?

    my head feels funny.
    i cant eat or sleep.
    my insides (stomach and heart in particular) feel like they're dancing at a gabber rave.

    like Dr Gonzo says:
    "you took too much, too much."

  2. just becarefull..... love is like heroin......It consumes you..... and someone usually ends up getting hurt.......

    but ....there also is a plus side, if all goes well...... then you might have found somehting to last a lifetime....:)


  3. yep. thnx. heard that advice before, but not put so eloquently.

    she is soooooo worthy of it. good good things. even when i put on my logic head, there seems no way it could go wrong... not of our fault anyways... uh-oh... doubt just reared its ugly head.... what if i fuck it up. i'm the master of "fucking it up", especially when my heart gets involved.

    when will hearts learn... they're nothing but a pump made outta muscle... no brain cells whatsoever. thinking isnt their strong point. maybe its the brains fault... brain gets in love, brain transfers authority to heart. :rolleyes: hearts are almost as stupid as dicks. lol. at least hearts can think about more than one thing ;)

    hmmm... this is an interesting concept i've come up with... i wonder what it would be like if you gave up your thought processes to another part of you body... like .... uhhh.... your small intestine!? or your... uhh.... kidneys :D ... or your LIVER! lmao!

    oh oh... one last one... what about your tongue! ;)
  4. i'm sure the kidneys are very romantic :p
    and i bet the liver is just a potty mouth, lol

    yes, the heart is indeed one of the more unintelligent parts that the brain could hand power over too. especially at the weakest point in a person's life.
  5. dunno, suppose you could pop an eye or something
  6. Nah you cant OD but you can get sucked into it so damn much and then it ends, your heart shatters and your brain twists and the skies go grey. Love is the most powerful thing on this planet to someone with a good heart, im afraid to love, i've been hurt a few times and it does take a while to get over, i'm not really over any of it to this day but I dont let it show and I dont let it bring me down.

    I'm in love right now, very in love. And I dont want to be but I cant help it, this girl is just fuckin amazing and makes me feel unstoppable which is what I need if I wanna make a name for myself in my line of work. But the thing is, what if she doesnt want to be a part of my life anymore? What if she wants someone else or wants to be alone? Im fucked when I hear those words...Literally fucked
  7. ive got to that gay point where you start to think that girl you've been friends with all along could really be the one for you, but you dont want to start anything in the fear you'll just ruin the friendship and just end up losing everything.
  8. some ways...especially if it is all a delusion because you don't see it as being one and then when it hits you, you might as well have OD'd.

    Love can be dangerous. It can also be the grandest thing in the world. You just can't look at things in terms of forever. You have to make the most of the time that you have with someone and be happy for that time. Not many things last forever...and that isn't so bad since we are all on a journey here. Every person we experience is a step in our journey whether you love them, hate them, lust after them or whatever. Terms such as forever and always only tend to complicate things.

    All that matters in the end is that you're happy.
  9. While i've been speaking my mind on other things in the city I might as welll throw my coins in here!

    You can not OD on love! You can however become to obcessed with a person you love. The more love that two people have for one another makes the relationship alot better for the both of you..

    Alot of people become obcessed instead of loving.. I've had that to happen to me and it's not good..

    So love all you can and may that love be returned with an equal amount!
  10. you might not be able to Od on love...... but you can sure become sick of it.
  11. to tell you the truth, you can not OD on love because it doesnt harm your body. its simple science here folks.

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