Can you make money blogging without being a computer genious?

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  1. ^^^^????

    I set up my own one last year - but even though I got a nice layout and had good content, I wasnt web-savvy enough to generate enough traffic... and the only way I was making money would have been through google adsense, which pays shit anyways unless im getting tons of traffic.

    The only other option i saw was joining sites (usually have a sign-up fee) and they basically have blog assignments you can take and make money for completing, then they get sent to the site that requested it... most of these seem like scams or like they wouldnt work

    The thing is, I love writing, and i actually really enjoyed having my blog before, by now i need money, even if its a measly 20 bucks a week or something, I'm just flat out broke, in debt, and can't find a job... so i figure since i'm good at this, theres gotta be a way to start somewhere. I'm a journalism major and have a portfolio, so I'm sure that could help someway. I'm also a political science major, so that could potentially help. I also know more than most about MLB or marijuana... so those are pretty much the topics I can handle... politics, baseball (or the big 4 sports) and weed.

    Now i know theres gotta be some computer savvy people out there!!??

    I'm a pretty decent writer IMO, and when i blog i take on a new kind of personality that works really well... how do i actually find a place to start blogging? Hell with the political predictions i've made in the past 1.5 years, if i were only blogging about em somewhere with traffic, i'd probably be hired for a position in the white house! Everything I blogged and predicted about politics pretty much happened - whether by luck, or some subconscious understanding i have about global relations.

    Man, i would love to blog - even if i made 20 bucks a week that'd be the fuckin shit, help me get some cash and give me something to do. Not to mention most of my professors will give a student bonus credit if they have an up and running blog.

    Id actually rather write for an established website and blog for them

    either way - if anyone can help, thatd be unbeleivable - i'd give ya an e-high-five... and some rrreeeppppp lol
  2. You're major in writing? Dude, go apply every job that involves in writing. From mags, newspaper, and/or internet. You don't really need a degree to do anything, you just need to impress them, make them "wow."
  3. What are you currently blogging about?

    You could be the best writer on the planet, but if you're writing about paint drying or grass growing, no one's gonna visit your blog spot.
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    i've already done everything non internet related within an hour from my home. The only thing i got offered was a non-paid internship at a local newspaper... i told him i'd be glad to take it during the school year but i can't have a non-paying job over the summer... so he said to call him when school starts

    So that really only leaves internet sources... and i've done searching around and it seems kinda impossible to get hired and paid to write online. I know i dont need a degree, just a portfolio (but to be honest its a bit skimpy, filled mostly with papers about medical marijuana and legalization... unfortunately my most knowledable subject is an illegal one... I'm actually going to law school when i graduate in hopes to be a pro-marijuana lobbyist or work for norml lol... the way my portfolio is, its actually a possibility)

    well, that was sort of the problem... its not that my topics were bleak, just that i had too many topics. I'd write about sports one day, then politics, then rant about a news article i saw about marijuana, shit like that. It ended up being mostly politically oriented though... id put up at least 4 political opionated articles a week - getting traffic to your own blog is just tough shit, especially when you dont have any money to spend... currently, im not blogging though, my domain expired and im outta cash - i wouldnt wanna start my own up again anyways until i know what im doing more... the writing was fine for the most part (obviously coulda been better), but its the whole generating traffic and getting paid ad's that was near impossible
  5. I wouldn't bother becoming pro-marijuana lobbist, it's going be legal at some point. Look at the states, they are becoming fed up with war on drugs.

    So mostly of your writing is politics, why not become politics writer?
    I doubt there any site that actually pays people to blog. :confused_2: I don't know, man...
  6. well, there are, but its tough to get your foot in the door and actually get hired. For instance, has a paid blogger, CannabisCulture has a number of them, and even MSN has bloggers on their site - but I see no way of actually getting hired by them until i have some kind of experience
  7. You have to focus on your blog, a blog that loses focus is pointless. Also, remember EVERYONE out there has a blog, the ones that make money are the ones that get HITS. You're also not going to get hits right out of the gate.

    Another thing is to get your blog known. For example, I blog in the sports-card world, I started by commenting on a number of other sports card blogs, and decided to start my own. I could be much bigger than I am by simply blogging at least every day, but I have too many other things to deal with, so I let my blog go weeks without an entry.

    The sports card blogs that make money and get sponsered by the sports card companies are those that post more than once a day, and get hits. I did, however, contact the card companies and got put on their email press release lists - so I get information from them, which I can use if I want. This is a good way to get hits, post news faster than anyone else.

    But the key is to FOCUS on one topic and do it well.
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    I've owned and sold many blogs in my time. You can make tons of cash with blogs by mixing adsense, amazon, and clickbank stuff. However, you have to create content that a lot of people will care about. Use keyword stats to help guide what you write about within your 'genre'. It helps to have a general focus instead of writing about random shit all the time. What I have found that works best for me is to create a blog for about 3 months or so and post like no other on it. I try to post at least 5 times a week. Anyway, after 3 months of that I am making some small cash from adsense but I sell it for 12months profit. You can make over $700 per blog doing that. :)
  9. Do you blog at your own domain (ex: with wordpress or are you using free outlets?
  10. You need to comment on more blogs, you should basically whore your blog out.
  11. with adsense they place the ads based on the content and keywords on the site. so try researching some high paying keywords and then blog about those topics and you should get paid more per click on your ads
  12. yep - my own domain/hosting, using wordpress

    gonna check it out now

    yea i never really did that with my old one
  13. You can sell articles at
  14. Two great plugins worth having for wordpress are:

    All in one adsense & All in one SEO

    Also, change the permalink settings so that you pages are like instead of It will help with search engines :)

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