Can you make hash with vaped bud?

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  1. Ive never made (or smoked) hash before but I heard someone made QWISO hash with their vaped bud. I have a pax vape and I am always just throwing it away once I'm done. Could I make hash with this? Would I have to vape less if I do? Sometimes I vape until its light brown and sometimes I vape until its almost black. I assume if you could do it I would need to vape it when it's more of a light brown/green color.

    If anyone can shed some light on this for me I would appreciate it!
  2. Think if you made hash with that it would taste different and not get you high
  3. You vaporized all the THC out of the bud how will you get high on the hash? Unless just smoking is your thing. The primary reason I smoke is for a high THC content to kick my ass. Vaped bud would be weak or nothing at all. I white ash my flowers in a bong, and blacken my buds in a vape till there aint no more to vape.
  4. Why do people consistently make statements on this forum about things they have no experience with? It is rediculous how people are willing to post with full conviction on topics that they dont know about.
    It works. You do not get every last bit of the active compounds from your bud when you vape. Anything that is left can be turned in to hash.
    I just took a nice huge dab of QWISO from a run I did 3 days ago. Took about an ounce and a half extremely dark vaped bud and turned it in to exactly a gram of potent hash.
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    Well sure it can be done, and sure if done well you would get a product that gets you baked, but how much viable active compounds can really be left in vaped bud? I'm sure it is good hash but not killer hash. So I guess if your doing it to make your smoke last its a good idea as long as it is not sold as full strength hash to anybody. The karma that comes with selling bunk hash is not worth a few extra bucks.
    This is a duplicate thread btw, op posted this same question twice.
  6. No but you can make brownies!!!!

    I jerk off inside books and give life to words
  7. lol there people go again. What would make you say its not killer hash? Did I not say it was potent in my last post?
    And then for some reason you go on some tangent about bad karma from selling bunk hash. As if somehow you know its bad hash.
    Idk how much is left after I vape but here is some math. I usually can make 1 gram  of hash from 7 grams bud. To create that same gram of hash it takes me over an ounce an a half of vaped bud(weighed after its already been vaped). So at this point I guess it would 17% is left. I do not know how much weight the bud loses from being vaped so Ill have to conduct an experiment but it would probably bring that number down to about 10%.
  8. Ok, so I will try it then I guess. Thanks for the info. I think I might use most of my vaped bud and then maybe use like a gram or so or non-vaped bud and maybe that will add to the potency a bit.
  9. It might add a miniscule unnoticeable change to the potency. Adding the non vaped weed should only up your quantity some.

  10. Oh, really? Do you think it would even be worth it then? Ill have about an ounce of vaped weed I'm going to do at one time.
    He's saying it's hard to up the potency of a solvent because there's a certain solvent-to-cannabinoid ratio. When you add a gram of weed, you're adding .2 grams of weight (assuming you have more than 20% THC weed) plus whatever the solvent weighs. IMO it's better just to vape that gram of weed.
  12. Yeah pretty much.
    If you have an ounce of vaped bud than I would say its worth it to try out. Its not like its expensive to try something like QWISO out.

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