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can you make firecrackers with just butter

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by lanman, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. i cant use peanut butter cause im allergic and i dont have any nuttella or almond butter ect. in the house, would just butter work if you were to follow the same steps as making a firecracker?
  2. You probably could but I'm sure you'd gag on the taste of it.... firecrackers with peanut butter tastes bad enough.
  3. That's called cannabutter.

  4. but id be following the steps for firecrackers not cannabutter
  5. It would probs work, but it would be messy. Hoestly just go with some natural peanut butter or nutella, 310 degrees for 20 mins. Works every time like a charm and you get high as hell
  6. butter reacts differently in heat than nutella/peanut butter. It would melt as soon as it entered the oven, and would not do a good job smothering the herb I would suppose
  7. that'd be horrible tasting and bad for you... imagine eating half a stick of butter with weed in it. bleh
  8. Make some weed chocolate milk OP

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