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Can you make cigarette smoke smell like weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by justhatecamelssomuch, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I'm not to bothered about the taste, i just prefer the smell of smoke that smells like bud. I smoke cigarettes more often and i don't enjoy the smell of the smoke. Is there anything SAFE I could put in the tobacco to make it smell like bud, particularly a smell similar to the lemon or cheese strains? If anyone knows or has evidence to suggest something may be able to do this without actually using weed itself it would be greatly appreciated :)

  2. The reason it smells bad is because it is really bad.  That stuff is terrible for you, and as far as I know there is nothing, aside from actual weed, that would do that.
  3. Mix tobacco and weed man.
  4. that's my problem though, I don't particularly like the smell of tobacco smoke but i don't always have weed or want to smoke weed every time i light up. It's more of a weekend, chill out thing. Whereas i smoke cigarettes daily and was wondering if there would be anything that might even be able to change or make it smell a little like bud.
  5. led or maybe mercury. Try experimenting since obviously health isn't one of your priorities

    Who Dat!
    The best thing to do is replace the tobacco with weed. Then it will smell like weed, and be much better for you. Tobacco is poison. 25 years hooked on that shit. And hoping to quit before I have a heart attack, stroke or worse.
  7. weed isn't always an option though, because its quite expensive and there are places where i cant smoke it. If there's anything safe apart from weed that could alter the smell that would be great.
 the cigs, a hand full of fags (brit talk, cantya hear my accent?) empty out all the tobacco, that poisonous shit should be dropped off at the epa, and stuff the paper tubes with marijuana...
    kids still smoke tobacco after all the decades of tobacco being a KNOWN killer...
    do kids just ignore the facts to be COOL and act like a grown that childish mindset still out there??
  10. there isnt. unless you use real bud. so yeah.. you should be interested in making bud smoke smell less stinky
  11. so you want something in your tobacco that smells like weed, but isnt weed? the ONLY thing i can think of is cannabis flavored e-juice for ecigarettes.

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