Can you make canna-oil with a bong??

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    I just had a thought/idea: what if you put oil in your bong and smoked it? Would the oil capture the THC? I just want to know because I still haven't tried edibles because everyone is stingy and I don't have the time to cook it.

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  2. I'm not sure. I have the HTC EVO V 4G and while it's not the biggest phone, I can't see it being captured by any oil. [​IMG]
  3. lmfao whoops *thc

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  4. Could you explain what you mean in more detail?

    Do you mean instead of water putting oil as the filtering fluid?
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    yes that's exactly what I mean. Like smoking the weed but with oil instead of water. Would the oil absorb some of the thc, or would it all still be in the smoke?
  6. Ill throw out my thoughts but they arent worth much. I would guess the oil would absorb some thc but i doubt it would be much. I think most of the cannabinoids would remain suspended in the air pocket/bubble and have no contact with the fluid (whether its water or oil). Just a guess. A nice slow motion camera could give us a clue.

    Also, the oil would probably tast horrible since its in contact with smoke.

    Why dont ya just get some everyclear and soak some herb in there? Alcohol dissolves the cannabinoids then you just strain it and carefully evaporate the alcohol and you are left with decent quality wax. Warm up your oil (i use coconut) and mix them together.

    Be careful though, i did this for my girl and she was very high for around 24hr. Another positive note, her pain went from an 8 to a 3!
  7. Thanks this is very helpful.
  8. Yw! Search green dragon or cannabis tincture recipes. There are 3 methods for extracting the cannabinoids. I put mine in the freezer (the alcohol wont freeze) but it takes longer (weeks) or room temp or the actually heating the alcohol with plant material in it. Since everclear is very flamable... its dangerous if you are not careful
  9. Can't go wrong with coconut oil.. for edibles that is. As stated, oil in the bong probably wouldn't be that good and doubt it will absorb that much. Plus, what would you do with it after? It would taste like butt if you wanted to make an edible out of it. There is an edibles section on here too, so if you're looking for ideas, that'd be a good spot to check. If I ever get the motivation, Ima make a thread there on how to make my simple single serve edible.
  10. Search badkittysmiles for good info on the this topic. He/she is how i found this forum
  11. Take it one step further. Use hash oil instead of bong water.

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