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can you make an oz last 2 months?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by collegetoker, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. okay so lately i've been going through a half oz in about 10 days so i thought i'm gonna buy an ounce and cut down my smoking to 0.5 grams a day which should make the oz last me about 2 months almost
    as a daily smoker it seems pretty hard to do.. i can either break that up into 2 small sessions or one normal session at night
    how long could you stretch an oz if you had to while still smoking everyday?
  2. get a bong a rip the shit out of it at night... you'll conserve weed that way
  3. i had 2 ounces for 2nd semester starting january 21.

    i now have like 14g's left, hahaha.
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    [SIZE=+1]1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+1]28.3495231 / 60 = 0.472492052[/SIZE]

    smoke about 0.5g a day and ur fine
  5. An ounce for 1 Month is OOOOOOOOOOOK, that about a quarter a week, that be tought but dooable.
  6. You can defiantly make it last 2 months if you just smoke a one bowl at night.. but most cases you'll break down a fat nug and smoke it all in one night. because who doesnt love just smoking alot of weed?
  7. well the best way to conserve weed would be buy a nice size bong and rip it 1-2 sesh a day. If you use a technique called cornering you conserve alot of weed. Make a .5 bowl last 3-5 hits and clear each bowl fully and take deep breathes of air after the hit. Only light weed that you can hit in one hit dont let weed sit in the chamber. Youd have to smoke about .45 a day to make it last 2 full months but make it a habit to try and skip days occupy yourself with something else even if its stupid. You'd be surprised how much you can save by cutting down from 7 days a week to 5-6 days and then using a good technique.
  8. I could make an Oz last probably for a week shy of two months, as long as it was dank.

    A 1/2 oz last me about a month now buy I don't buy mids or any cheap brick shit :)
  9. I can't make a 1/2 oz last a week. So good luck. If you smoke .5 a day do it when you're about to relax.
  10. if i were sad and only smoked alone, sure no problem, but i ALWAYS smoke with a group of friends, we all match bowls and get high as possible, none of our sacs last very long :D
  11. thats about my rate.

  12. yes.

    and i thought trying to stretch a q over 2 weeks was astronomical.
  13. it's for sure possible especially if you take a two day break once a month. you'll get a nice 2 day tolerance break or you can do a 4 day which i did once and then i smoked 2 bowls and i was zooted.
  14. you could also break your .5 g a day into 2-4 one hitters
  15. i could do it very easily but i'm not a daily smoker
  16. lol i dont think i could do it
  17. if it was sitting there no way in hell are you going to be able to not smoke it, if you buy it and put it away or give it to your gf or somthing to hold on too you could deffenitly do it
  18. wait i think there is something wrong with your concept, Your gonna be buying MORE WEED and gonna SMOKE LESS...tell us how it works out
  19. I just picked up a 1/2 oz of some upper mids. I'm hoping that this will last me a month. I'm likin this bud though right now, definitley hits you hard for mids.
  20. Just don't be a fiend. If anything slang some of it because after a while it wont hit you as hard. Take a t-break in between months and slang it, you'll make money and have fun.

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