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Can you make a blunt out of a black and mild?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pretty GreenBud, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. I was wondering if anybody else has tryed this and if so how was it?
  2. I think it's called "Freaking" a Black&Mild, where you empty out the tobacco and then pour/pack in your herb.
  3. To date, I have never seen anyone use Black and Milds for anything other than blunts. Do people actually smoke them straight?
  4. Yeah, thats why they sell them, to smoke.
  5. i love spliffling black and milds

    wine wood tip plus headies = :yummy:
  6. I recently got a few coupons from B&M advertising their cigarillos which are new to me? or am I just late on the parade.

    ME and a friend once tried to roll a burner by removing it from the tip and splitting it... we failed and said fuck it and got a shell haha.:cool:
  7. ya of course man it's the same concept as rolling anything else without a leaf aka a philly or white owl or a swisher you can either take the tobbacco out and pack it or the better way is to simply crack it down the middle and then fill it and seal it back up
  8. If you are going to freak a mild be sure to remove the cardboard insert as well.Makes it much smoother. :p
  9. I use to get stoned and watch Bob Ross paint all the time back in the day.Happy little trees!

    Always Imagined him as a vietnam vet having a PTSD episode.Here we will put a happy little bush.Hey I see some eyes.It's a happy little commie hiding behind that fucking tree.This is a happy little F14 naping the shit out of his happy little ass.Die Die Die!!! :D
  10. yeah u can :D its good 2
  11. Just get all the tobacco out and fill it up with weed, love blunts with a wood tip there very tasty

    So many people smoke black and milds........
  12. imo a black and mild blunt is never a good idea.
    i dont like the taste.
  13. unless you smoke cigs and blunts alot i would highly recommend not trying.
    A. its a pain in the ass
    B. tastes like shit
    C. harsh as anything ive ever smoked

    me and my dudes used to chill with a wine wood tip after a few bowl and they would inhale it just to get more fucked up so one day we tried to use it to roll and it came out decent but was the worst smoke ever, i dnt even think i left the extra paper in either and we ended up ripping it apart to shamefully try to get all the bud back out. just go get a Game and ule be good.
  14. Why would you waste your weed (and destroy and flavor) putting it in a black & mild? I suppose its ok for masking that mexi-shwag shit, but good weed goes in pipes, bongs, or vapes:wave:
  15. Thats just your opinion :wave:
  16. black n milds suck to fill out. Once again white grape white owls are my blunt of choice.

  17. haha, i have some Deadhead OG right now, and when I roll up a joint or a blunt, it's like smoking fruity candy. it doesn't mask it all for me :p

    but on topic, i never use black and milds, you split em and they have another piece of almost tan/white material inside of it, and the actual wrap is very thin, imo B&M aren't for blunts
  18. No. nearly impossible.

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