can you last longer then 18 seconds?

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. try this, but be careful its kind of addicting

    the objective st to move the red box around without touching the blue boxes or the black, i got up to 20 seconds

    they say if you last 18 seconds your "brilliant"
  2. I got 20 like 5th try, but i've played this game a lot before.
  3. I got 18.016 and now I can finally quit that game forever... :p
  4. 21 seconds
  5. it's predictable so you could just learn where the blocks go
  6. 22.022, ya once you understand the way the boxes move for like 14 secs then you should be able to reach over 18, 3 trys
  7. 0.36

    go figure.
  8. 60 sec...
    if you right click the timer starts but nothing moves, gotta outsmart the game
  9. It took me a few tries but I finally got passed 18 secs
  10. 25.406 first try.
  11. .06 the first try
    36.something the second try i must be godlike
  12. i kept getting like 16.597 everytime, then i took a fat rip and tried again, i got 38.567 seconds first try.... coincidence?
  13. I can last MUCH longer than 18 seconds.........But i have yet to try the game :p I'll try it a lil later after i take a nap... Peace.
  14. 16.4 seconds first try. Good enough.
  15. when i first read this i thought it was gonna be about sex but then i played the game and make it 12 dam seconds
  16. wow i was in the zone, took a while to get the hang of it, but i got 54 seconds, im baked as fuck, and like i focused on all the blue pieces at once, and sub counsiously made my block juke the fuck outa them

  17. post a pic or it didnt happen
  18. too late, oh well, if you guys dont beleive me its not the end of the world

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