Can you keep a mother plant in your bedroom

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  1. Clive, grows his cannabis in a legal area. he has a growing room (2000w HID) but its just one room- not a veg and separate flower. So he starts seeds and flowers them in the same spot. Clive wants to have a mother plant so the process wont take so long, maybe in his bedroom -under no special lights and grow out his clones in the grow room ( 2000w HID) start to finish.
    is this possible?
    His mom said that in the 70's she grew her pot in her living room and used no special lights at all.. just set it in the corner and it grew on its own.

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  2. yes, I kept one behind a door with nothing but ambient light and a 24/0 night light.
  3. It can be done but I would get a cheap fluorescent grow light to supplement the ambient. If you just keep it in ambient light it's not going to grow very quickly. It depends on how many clones you need off of it.
  4. Clive thanks you and tells me that he will probably just get 10 or so clones off of it or do things this way until he can afford a normal veg room. Thanks again guys

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