Can you just put some seeds in a fishbowl or wtv and expect it to grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HardcoreBunni, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I've never grown anything in my life, let alone weed but I've been doing some research about growing my own weed since where I live, Portugal, we pretty much just get hash. I've read quite a few "easy and quick" step by step guides to build boxes and growing indoors and outdoors and whatnot but honestly it's kind of daunting for me. If I just put some decent soil in a fishbowl or something along those lines, drop in a few seeds, put it by the window(I get shitloads of sunlight where I live, from April to October) and water it will I be able to grow any weed at all? Again, I've never grown anything at all and I've only been doing research into the subject for a day or so, so I'm as noob as noobs can get when it comes to growing weed.
  2. it one of thoes 50/50 thing but my best plants have just been from seeds i throw out my windows
  3. needs drainage but, if you get a flower pot with drainage holes in the bottom and use dirt (not from your yard, pests and bacteria) but just regular potting soil, yes its that easy!

    Without drainage youd probably end up with mold or some weird fungus. Needs oxygen and all that good stuff :)

    Depending on time of year you can go full seedling, veg, flowering to harvest in your window. If its not so bright later on you can suppliment with your own lights or just end up with a sub par crop but still end up with some :)

    Nutrients, specific lights cycles everything we do to our plants is to maximize its potential, not what it needs to live. I have a few 2 foot tall plants in 2x2 flower pots and they are just fine, no nutes no nothing ever just watering them randomly when I remember (they are my extras I had a month back incase something went wrong with one of my chosen plants)

    But just letting them sit by the back door ( no direct sunlight ) after a month they are ready to go into flower and be repotted and I literally have paid them 4 minutes of attention since I potted them.
  4. Awesome! I wish somewhere along the lines someone pointed out that this is actually the easiest and laziest way to grow marijuana. I'll try it out when I get the chance(I'm still trying to find a place in my own country that sells seeds) and I'll be sure to post some feedback. Thanks so much for your help!

  5. So you got some're half way there. Why not go a few steps further and have a decent indoor grow. If money is not an issue, go out and purchase a good 5 gal. pot with drain holes, some good soil with organic nutrients pre-mixed and about four or five 26w CFL 6500K bulbs and another five 2700K bulbs. All this should cost you no more than $55-65 US. But if money IS an issue, I guess you work with what you got and see what comes of it. Good luck!

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