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Can you identify your strain? SATIVA or INDICA? Through the effects..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Apollodajin, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. If you get some random nugs, roll it up, light it up, can you guys identify whether it's a indica or SATIVA just by the effects and how it feels?

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  2. Most seasonal tokers can.
  3. Yeah why is this posted in seasoned?
  4. *seasoned.
  5. sorry that was on my tablet earlier. autocorrect ftl.
  6. Yes. If I start trippen on stuff, it's sativa. If I don't give a fuck about anything, it's indica.
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    Great question.  I think I could tell but I don't know for certain.  My sense is that I get more racing thoughts/anxiety with sativas, but also more creative energy.  Indicas do seem more mellow and more like what I'm looking for at this point in my life.
  8. Hell yea, if I smoke indica I feel kinda depressed and ask myself why I grew/bought this strain. If I smoke Sativa I love life, laugh at everything and feel perfect.... lol
  9. Do you think an apprentice stoner would give me a better answer than a seasoned one?

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  10. It's awesome to have certain strains for certain occasions

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  11. For most people yes... For me, I struggle hard with depression, anxiety, and insomnia (to the point that I stay up for days at a time) And Sativas make me burn out a lot later than an Indica will. I'd rather feel up and happy than feel tired and mellow... Just preference though! lol, love sativas omg tho... so I'm super biased hahah
  12. Yes because a lot of seasoned stoners are there to provide insight.
    Also in thus day and age I think everyone understands the concept of Google.
    But yeah maybe I agree that seasoned section could provide better insight, still look up as much you can before you have to ask.
  13. "Too much" of either shuts me down. 
    Sativa is great for hikes, housework, guitar, internet, chatting with neighbors.
    Indica for staring blindly at the tv with a bag of chips. Not good for dealing with issues or important decisions.
    I can tell the difference within about 20 minutes.
  14. Indica tends to make me feel heavy and anxious. Sativa makes me talkative and happy. I feel it within about 5 minutes and can immediately identify notes of sativa or indica. Taste and smell also can be an indicator for me.
  15. For sure. I can get an idea based on looks like color, leafs, etc. But you gotta light that shit and pass that shit if you wanna know for sure lol

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  17. yes, but most of the time i end up with hybrids so it's harder to notice what variety is more prominent.  Really wish I had access to a legit selection.
  18. I can tell because I prefer the sativa high. I have some strawberry now and that is a wonderful bud. Smells great tastes great just awesome. But I had some blueberry that had me couch locked and super tired. A good sativa makes me want to just run around and be ouside but a indica (depending on the strain and what stage tricombs are at) it usually just makes me tired and lay around all day.
  19. I like a sativa high but the indica is just made for me. Nothing like a sturdy couchlock, munchies and spacing out.  :smoking:

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